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How Many Articles Are Submitted To T Nation?

Just wondering how many articles are submitted that the staff sorts and picks through.
No names mentioned, but there are a lot of brains (Regular posters) on here that I would like to see articles from.


Name names


Don’t, you’ll make me blush.

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Surely @T3hPwnisher is one of them

I’ve had a lot of inquiries into how I can take so much and do so much and accomplish so little. I can only assume I am one of the great names to be named.

I am willing to share the secret to my never changing consistency for 75k/year. I will provide 3 articles a year and work remote. I also need an assistant. Possibly a company car.


Don’t forget a phone, fiber optic internet and a brand new MacBook Pro.

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I’d love to write an article

Dr StrangeReps

Or : How I learned to stop training like a pussy and love the burpee

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Alrighty then, picture this if you will:

The_Mighty_Stu: Bringing up a weak body part.

EyeDentist: Anything; or protein requirements for older lifters

T3hPwnisher: Conditioning for Strongman/Powerlifting

twojarslave: Anything whoop-ass

I guess I could do “Big and Fat on a budget”.

I had an idea for ChongLordUno, but I was afraid he would track me down.

Of course, @dagill2 and @wanna_be would provide expert commentary on all topics and you didn’t explicitly say that because it goes without saying.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t have the bona fides to author such a piece. No formal education or coaching experience. I am VERY talented at making things work for me, but that doesn’t mean it will work for others.

I don’t know how many come in, I just see what I’m sent to edit. I’m sure there’s an ample supply of articles ready to go up on the site, some waiting to be worked on, and some that didn’t make the cut for whatever reason.

I totally agree there are plenty of smart, experienced dudes around here. The biggest hurdle is that they are, for the most part, regular folks who’ve done well with their training, not coaches or fitness professionals.

That’s not a knock on them at all, but it’s what separates the T Nation site (formerly Testosterone Magazine) from a run-of-the-mill blog or lower-quality training info site (no names mentioned).

There have definitely been a couple of people who’ve gone from T Nation readers to T Nation contributors - like Waterbury, Romaniello, Green, Alsruhe, Shugart, and myself - but they were already trainers and/or credentialed in the roles they’d go on to work in.

But, for sure, if any fitness pros are out there and can come up with 1,500 or so words on a great topic (preferably coherent and well-organized to make my job easier), reach out and I’ll point you in the right direction.

I also appreciate the sentiment, but there are far greater authorities than I am on whooping ass. I’ve only facilitated the transition from meek to not-so-meek with one person, myself. For lifting, I just did the things T-Nation and Jim Wendler told me to do, or at least tried my best to do.

My BJJ experience, capability and thoughts come from very capable instructors who understood my goals and helped shape them. All I can do is point you to a well and say “drink”.

My bouncing experience comes from signing up for the job and doing it, which anyone can do.

Forum-level casual discussion about training thoughts is one thing. Coaching others is another.

Just the articles counting number published here or mentioned them also who posts here regularly?

Just wondering if there are hundreds to sift through or if they trickle in. I would like to see articles from people I am familiar with and have a good opinion of already.
Sometimes I give less credit than due to someone that I have never heard of. (That’s my fault)