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How Many Are Keeping a Diary/Log?

I think it was @dbossa I heard mention on one of his vlogs that a great idea when starting out of this journey to finding the correct protocol was to keep a diary log. Just curious, how many of you guys do this and if so, what kind of things do you list and make a record of?


Lots of blogs on here tracking journeys. Usually what happens is once people get dialed in the blogs kind of fade until that person has questions or concerns. They are usually tracking dosing of T along with other drugs as well as how they are feeling as well as performing. Some are terse and others expansive. Either way its a good way to track your history.

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I do not. I actually think it may be counterproductive in the early days of TRT because your body is changing very rapidly and it takes time for all those neuroendocrine changes to balance out. I seem to remember that I was at least 6 months into my program before I began to feel somewhat stable. For me anyway, Brain fog was lifted fairly early in my TRT program but the libido and ED thing took years to straighten out.

I see way to many guys posting questions and observations about how they feel after changing this or that, when in fact, what they are feeling may or may not be associated with the protocol or supplement changes they implemented. Our bodies often go through cycles of changes sometimes due to low grade infections, workout schedules, work schedules (stress), and other non controllable environmental influences. These can be short term (e.g., days), medium term (weeks), or even long-term (months). We have to factor those influences into how we feel too.

Even now, 8+ years into my TRT protocol, I am hesitant to draw any conclusions unless I have at least 8 weeks of the protocol change under my belt and appropriate labs (if there are any) for what I am attempting to observe. However, I can see the benefit of a daily log if you are dedicated enough to do it and regimented in your approach.

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Yes, day to day and hour to hour assessments of how you are feeling, energy, mood, libido, etc., will lead to inaccurate conclusions. Some days are better, or worse, than others and your levels have nothing to do with it.

I write here in my topic when I make changes because I can scroll back and read when Ive done them

I keep a dairy log.

Monday-8 ounces of milk

Tuesday- 1 stick of butter, and cheese

Wednesday- Greek yogurt

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I started one because my TRT journey has been a complete hot mess. Learned a lot from the guys on this forum and feel obligated to give back. If even one other dude out there learns from my mistakes, totally worth my time.

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I post labs, protocols, how each protocol makes me feel, and pics.

I will say that highpull makes a great point. If you are an overthinker with ADHD, like me, logging could be a potential pitfall.

My personal log helped me in ways I did not expect. Mostly only when I look back on it.

All I do is rate how I feel from a scale of 1-10 on a number of factors. Then I just add a sentence or two to sum up the day. I do it in excel and it takes about 60 seconds at the end of the day.

The biggest problem with not keeping a log is how fallible our memories are. It’s easy when things aren’t working on TRT to get very discouraged and think that they’ve never worked. It’s human nature - how we are feeling at any given moment colors our memory in that direction. A log shows you a truer picture of your journey.

I’ve kept a TRT log from day one. It’s been a good reference when I change things, add things, change dose or schedule. I recommend it

As an athlete, I would always write daily logs of my training, workouts, sleep, things I did well or could improve at, trends I noticed, muscle soreness, etc. However, with TRT I just keep a general log of how I’m doing since anything before 2 months doesn’t really matter. Just give it time, then give yourself a week to month for a comprehensive assessment on a certain protocol. I’d argue more than this is a negative as it creates anxiety and a overall poor use of energy.

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I do that too, but I don’t write down how I feel. I keep a running log of protocol changes that I make and the dates that i make them. I then insert a summary of the exact protocol I’m on into a note in my Excel log of labs that I keep. I have 82 entries of labs into my Excel log and having these notes helps me to look back and see what i was doing and what lab results I got.