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How Low Should My Calories Be?


I've been cutting for about 8 weeks now and I started my cut with 2800 cals a day. I was worried about dropping too low. I got that low once when training for a weight lifting competition and lets just say it didnt go well. I kept it there for about 5 weeks then took it down to 2600, then to 2400. I started the summer at 220 and now I'm 210 pounds (after I lose all my water weight from weekend carb ups). I've only lost 10lbs but I have maintained all my strength and in some lifts gotten stronger. I would say I'm about 18-20% bf how low should I take my calories? Been doing ad for 5 weeks now just for the record. Any help is appreciated!


How are your cloths fitting?

You are loosing weight steadily, keeping your strength and lifts are getting better. Be happy and keep going.

You see, loosing weight can be hard, but nobody knows your body like you do. Find your sweet spot. The calories where you loose weight, keep your strength and not loose your sanity.

Doing good so far, just keep going.


Clothes are fitting a bit better. I almost didn't fit into my dress clothes for grad which threw me over the edge. I've kinda stalled out at 210. My calories are currently 2400, I'll probably drop them to 2200. Thanks for the input.


How long has the weight loss stalled for? I am in the middle of a cut as well right now and my weight loss has stalled (-0.2 lbs / week) the past two weeks so I am tightening up the diet a bit more and lowering the cals a little bit. I think a two week stall is probably enough to justify a drop in calories.


I think it has been 2 or three weeks. My first week of ad I dropped 5 lbs then over the course of the next 2-3 weeks got down to 210. I'm gonna take it to 2200 and see where that gets me.


If you have the calculations for your bmr this chart can help you out with the parameters for cutting. In Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde they mention in a graph if you take your cals to 80-85% that is best for fat loss and no muscle loss. but from 90-95% you have fat loss and small muscle gain thought you might be interested.