How Low is Low?

For the low-carbers out there, I was just curious what your average daily intake of carbs is and how effective it has been in reaching your goals. It’s always interesting to me how different people respond drastically different to varying amounts of carbohydrates.

So please list:

Average daily intake of carbs
Sources of carbs

Right now I’m trying to average 130-150g/day mostly from fruit and Surge with occasional oats. I eat spinach too but I don’t count that. Anything under 150 and I feel it…and if I can get under 100 then it’s quite a battle but the results are great…

Anyone else???


sounds about the same as me for amounts of carbs.

when i was cutting i was around 55 carbs a day… and i felt every last one of them… I had to time them pre-work out so i had some energy… Good luck… anything under 100 will cut you up… nurtitionist rec 120 a day as a min… just do what your body can handle…