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How Low Can You Go?


Hi folks,

First-time poster. Long-time lurker.
Age 45, 5'7'', 205lbs. No real blubber to speak of.

SO .... had all the symptoms (in spades) of low Test. Got bloods done here in UK. Doc called me today, told me test was at 1 (yes ONE) nanomole per litre, with a range of 9-38 nmol/l. Didn't give me any other facts or figures except that he's referring me to an endocrinologist.

Any and all advice, comments, notions and ideas considered.
Awesome forum, great contributors. Has helped loads so far.
And yes, I know about T+HCG+AI


What has happened to your testes? -size - firmness -how are they hanging -when that started

Any changes to visual field? Less peripheral vision?

Any accidents or blows to the head in time frame of things getting bad?

When did all of this start?

Brothers- Any such problems with them?

Meds that you take, Rx and OTC should be reviewed for endocrine disruption.

Any signs of gyno?

Skin changes: dry, thin, inelastic?

Any history using gear?

Any adult mumps?

Exposure to chemicals?

Any illnesses where your testes were hurting?

Cholesterol normal?

Liver enzymes normal?

You might want to get your bones scanned. But TRT is the best way to restore them in any case.

Check your thyroid numbers. If you have low thyroid hormones you will need to inject as transdermals typically absorb poorly or soon go that way.

Have you lost a lot of hair on your lower legs?
How much muscle wasting has occurred?

Endo might want to know these items too.

At age 45 perhaps you do not care what has happened to your sperm count…

You might do well with some transdermal DHT on your [clipped/shaved] scrotum, proviron tablets or such to restore virility. We can’t get such things here in the USA! The compounding pharmacies have not been able to get DHT for a few years. And some 5% testosterone cream on your testes and penis can be very helpful for DHT and sensitivity.

In a situation like this, one also has to entertain the possibility that the lab work result is bogus.

Also have IGF-1 checked to eval GH status. If LH/FSH are really low, one needs to look for possible multiple pituitary hormones that are low [panhypopituitarism].

Do you take fish oil, vit-D and other supplements? You need all of the restorative help that you can get.



Thanks for taking the time to give your considered reply. Over the last few weeks I’ve learnt an awful lot from your various posts and stickys.

Anyway, I haven’t experienced any of the things / changes you’ve listed. My testes have recently appeared to INCREASE in size (could be my imagination) and are a little sensitive - recently get some scrotal “tingling” fairly regularly. I think this may be connected to my seemingly non-existent sexual arousal, as it happens when there’s a hottie on TV and suchlike.

All the other bloodwork I had done (liver, thyroid, sugars, etc etc) all came back normal EXCEPT slightly raised prolactin. Eat well, good all round diet - only supplements = multi vitamina and minerals. Very, very fatigued however - I cut my workouts in half and dropped 30-40% off the weights I was lifting over the year since the problem started. Former full-time athlete, so workouts were pretty intense anyway, however. Increase in bodyfat too, but not substantial.

I had pretty much self-diagnosed before the test so i wasn’t surprised at the result, except by degree. The journey begins … let’s just hope it’s a short trip and the scenery’s interesting.


You keep going back to fatigue. You should make sure the endo hears those words and ask that your adrenals be checked. That should include DHEA-S and cortisol. Do you feel fatigue all day, in the morning, afternoon or typically at any part of the day? How does that vary during the week at work VS a relaxing day on the weekend? Cortisol levels can vary quite a bit. If you feel good in the AM and have lab work in the AM, you could be missing low cortisol events later in the day.

Do stressful situations knock you down? Have you changed your behaviour to avoid things stressful?

If you have cortisol problems, the stress of your workouts could be more than your body can handle now.

Please post prolactin number and range. Always get and retain copies of your lab work.

Sounds like prolactin is above range as you are talking about things been “normal”. Never assume that normal means that there are no problems for you.

What are you total cholesterol numbers and range?

Suggest that you get some fish oil caps and take 3-4,000 iu vit-D per day.

Here [USA], we can get DHEA on the shelf. That can be helpful for some adrenal problems. If DHEA and/or pregnenolone are low, that can rate limit production of many of the other important hormones.

Was you T lab work total T or free T?