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How low can I go?

I’m following the T-Dawg 2.0 and just finished Fat to Fire. I’m 220lbs, 5’10" 16%BF. I’m using Surge pre and post workout (early am) then a protein meal (Eggs&Whites) Next meal is 3 scoops of GROW, then Protein and Fat meals the rest of the day. I’m also using Low Carb GROW, Hot Rox and 4AD. I’m doing about 2000 calories a day 100g of carbs, 260g of protein and 65-70g of fat.
I’m wondering if I can cut the calories down more and still salvage my muscle if I’m using the 4AD.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

2000 calories is already pretty low for 220 pounds. That is even low for me and I weigh 170 pounds and have a slow metabolism. I would add in some HIIT before I would cut calories any more.

I’m currently doing my own verison of a keto diet and I too am using Hot Rox and 4AD. I’m 5-10", my weight was at 235lbs an around 12-13% bf. for two wks My cals have been right at 1900 which is about 8cals per lbs. The stack is working great. I’m down adout 5lbs but look much leaner. So far i feel the 4AD is doing the job even at a single dose.If I were you, i would up the the protein a bit in place of the fat. That seems to work for me.