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How low can I go?

I’m trying to take off this winter blubber (and then some) and I’m wondering how low I can cut my daily calories? Right now I am 16%BF 220lbs 5’10" I’m getting 2000-2100 calories right now with 100g of carbs, 60g of fat and around 260g of protein.
I’m using Hot Rox, 4AD, and Low Carb GROW for supplements. I just finished the Fat to Fire and I’ve been following the T-Dawg 2.0
Any advice on how low I can cut the calories and maybe what would be a good break down %'s of fat/protein/carbs? Also any advice on what might be a good workout to follow the Fat to Fire?

Thank you

You’re probably about right where you’re at right now. I’m going off of memory but I’m pretty sure Joel said that if using 4AD that 10xbw was sufficient.

Bill Roberts said in a previous thread that 12xbw I believe was ok…or if using 4AD to possibly alternate 2-week calorie surplus cycles with 2-week cutting cycles. The cut was to be done at 8xbw if using 4AD.

Someone correct me if I was mistaken on this.