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How Low Can I Go with the kcals on a Diet with Clen?

I think the question is pretty clear. If you want some stats I can list them, don’t know if it’s necessary here though.
However want to hear some “approved” approaches how low can I go with my kcals on a diet with clen. Can I do a more aggressive approach for 10 days?

The answer is 0, no less.

If you goal is to maintain a good amount of muscle, while losing fast (different question), I would say go as low as you can while still having good performance in the gym as far as strength, and being able to complete reps goes. If you start not being able to do well in the gym, it is a sign that you are probably not eating enough.

If you want to maximize muscle retention, then go for as small of deficit as you can.

Clen is poison. It’s highly cardiotoxic. Don’t use it. Albuterol is a much better alternative and has a great safety profile while doing pretty much the same thing.

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Can you explain why it’s so cardio toxic?

Had worst ab cramp ever doing hanging leg raises…

Shit was so ridiculous that I had to do spider walk from the exorcist movie in front of ppl in the gym…

I guess it has to do with taurine depleting and the fact that it increases heart rate significantly atleast that’s why I think it’s bad for your heart.

If u gonna take it make sure to supp taurine ~6g/day or u gonna do all kinds of stupid moves cuz of them cramps…

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Short answer: clen is a B2-agonist. B1 kills heart muscle. But B2-AR stimulation like that caused by using clen has the downstream effect (through noradrenaline) of causing B1 increases which causes cardiomyocyte apoptosis (heart cell death). Clen = :heart::skull_and_crossbones:

People hating clen usually just used too much of if and didnt start with low enough dose. My girl has used up to 80mcg pharma grade and reports less shit than some people on forums.

I dont think clen changes anything dietwise - it just helps you burn more. I like agressive dieting - all my life when i diet, i do 2x2hours of cardio and go for 3-4,5k kcal deficit.
I dont take clen because i have possible heart defect, but if i would use clen i would use it to supplement my diet, not to eat more or not do cardio.

Can you link me to some studies ?

Clen is used as a prescription medication for asthmatics. Nothing somes without cost, but i dont think they are killing asthmatics on purpose tho… Clen in high dosages is dangerous without a doubt but so is aspirin and ibuprofen. Yes, you can actually drop dead overdosing clen, but you make it sound like a poison and forget people are taking it daily for decades for different purposes and none of those purposes are suicide.

Damn man, he gave you the answer even though in my opinion the direct B2 stimulation (25% of heart’s B receptors are those) is the cause.

You can just Google “beta2 adrenergic receptors and cardiotoxicity” or anything similar. Go to pubmed and there it is. Costs you 20 seconds.


Because it is. It should not be used by recreational athletes. Iron gave a way better alternative with the same effect. Salbutamol. Don’t uptalk Clen, it is poison.

Im not uptalking it, i wouldnt take it because i dont see the effect being better than just extra cardio, but im just saying people use it for decades for medical and bodybuilding purposes and then there are 2 guys on the internet who probably never took it, yelling ITS POISON…

If something is actual poison, its not made by legit pharma labs for actual human use in medicine today.
Not saying anyone should take it or that its good, im just smirking on someone causing a huge panic about the stuff.

Chemotherapy is literally poison. The pharma industry makes tons of poisons. The trick is for the poison to be less harmful than the thing that it’s treating (like cancer for example). Albuterol is a better alternative to clen and has actual clinical data on its use as a fat loss agent. No reason to use the more harsh, more toxic version if there’s a safer option available with similar results.


I see clen is very harsh to the heart. I couldn’t find anything about if it’s also at therapeutic dosages or not however I have to think about it for now…

Can you tell me a bit about aggressive dieting? How long how big of a deficit and so on your experiences in general.

Well, i am a all or nothing kind of guy so when i diet i diet extremely fast and agressive.
I would fast for at least 16 hours, sometimes even 20, so i would eat 1 or 2 meals a day. My maintenance if i sit on my ass is 3500, and i would do 2x2 hour cardio sessions a day which add up to 6000kcals total if done on maximum resistance elyptical. I would always aim for 1 pound loss a day, so at least 4500kcal deficit. I would aim for 2-3 weeks of this, with a cheat day or two every week.
Almost every time i stopped it was because my knees went bye bye because of the cardio, or because i couldnt stand on my feet, because i have a physical job also, and doing 2x2hours on elyptical just destroys my feet. Waking up at night i felt like im walking on glass when i went to pee.
But for me, its all worth it because i can see results every day, and i have no interest in watching my calories for months and seeing some first results only in few weeks. When i diet, i see results in few days and im done in few weeks.

After that, when i wanted to be lean for long periods of time i would just do 1 hour of elyptical every day, fast for 16 hours, and try to be in some deficit most days, while being able to eat whatever i want on some other days.

Some of my pics are on one of the other treads, if you are interested in seeing the results.
Of course, i dont think its doable natty or trt doses… i do test and tren almost constantly almost like some sort of a fucked up psycho cruise :smiley:
If i say “blast” or “cycle” i always mean ADDING stuff to test and tren. I think otherwise i would lose more muscle than fat, but again - i dont know, i had my lean phase when i was a Tinder fuckboy, and i was on test and tren for years.

I know you said today, and this example is dated.


Pharma companies sell all sorts of approved poison. Purdue was pushing opioids worse than the guys down on the corner. Their founder (the founding family) should be imprisoned for the shitty things they have done to make their billions. They will still be in the top 0.001% for wealth instead of the 0.00001% after their “punishment”. A slap on the wrist.

BTW, not trying to shit on you or anything. Just that thinking Pharma companies wouldn’t sell products that are bad for people if they can make a profit seems a bit off (as they have demonstrated over and over that they will).


Test and tren for year wow :smiley:
No I have two test cycles under my belt the first only test and the second with proviron and test.
However I’m planning to take anavar for 6 weeks beginning in may.
Sunday I’ll finish my aggressive diet. I did it for 10 days on 1600 kcal almost every from protein some carbs intra and post. With daily cardio or even twice. I assume I’m at least 1,5 or 2 k in a deficit. Yeah I’m also a type or 100 or nothing. And you can see the results dieting like this day by day, of course you can stick with it only a few days. After may I’ll continue with the diet and thought I’ll do it with some clen we’ll see.

I didnt mean it that literal. I was mostly saying that people use Clen for decades and dont seem to all drop dead. I mean, the poster you used as an example is no longer valid because once people started dropping dead, they stoped selling that stuff… Just like CoCa Cola used to have Cocain in it, hence the name, but - no longer :slight_smile:

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Its now around 3 years at least… last year on half the dose but still tren.

Dont expect magic. Clen is not even steroids, so…Maybe you will lose some extra 100grams a day tops.
But keep in mind - start low dose, add like 1/2 a tab every day till you start to feel like shit and then stick to that dose you can tolerate and never longer than 2 weeks on total, followed by 2 weeks off.
Start with 20mcg, add 10mcg a day till you all shivery and hot, sweatty, moody mess with shaky hands and head aches all day long… Just stick to what you can tolerate and please report your experience - my GF is doing clen and var now, so we would love to hear from your experience also :slight_smile:

Why not use the aforementioned salbutamol? I’d really recommend you look into that before jumping on clen.

Clens half life is extreme for a beta2 agonist, therefore affecting your body for more than 24 hours. Sleep will be shit, the heart will suffer and you’ll unnecessarily risk health problems when you could have the same fat loss with less side effects and less risk. Seriously, consider it.

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