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How long?

Ok guys don’t bitch at me for asking this question but I need to know the lenght of time that finasol stays in the blood and can be detected.Also is it possible to affect the liver with this stuff?Thanks for any reply.

I’ver never gotten any data on it but I think
Brian Batcheldor told me once that trenbolone
does remain detectable for a while, at least
several weeks, but unfortunately I don’t
really remember.

One thing I don’t get is why so many people
ask about how long steroids can be detected,
when so few people are actually subject
to such tests.

Trenbolone is not liver toxic but as with
all androgens will upregulate various liver

I guess I should ahve given an explanation with this one. I recemtly felt some dull pain in my right side and it almost feels like a muscle but i am not sure. The thing is I don’t want to go to a doctor until the tren is undetectable. This is my reason for the question. Thanks.

Go see your doctor! What are you worried about? Your doctor isn’t going to turn you in to the police for using steroids. In fact, he can’t. Just like a priest or a lawyer, when you tell your doctor something it is priviledged information. Besides, letting your physician know you are on can be a good thing. S/he can monitor your health and blood tests, etc. If you are having a pain that you would normally see the doc for, don’t not go just because you’re afraid he’ll find out your juicin’.

In a medical examination, no doctor is EVER
going to order a GC/MS analysis to
detect anabolic steroids. That just is not
done (would be a huge waste of money and
serve absolutely zero purpose the vast majority of the time, and next to no purpose
the remainder of the time.) Anyway, it isn’t
done. You will be steroid tested if you
are an athlete at a level and in an organization that actually does do such
analysis, or maybe if you are applying for
a job as a Secret Service agent or something.

What’s a GC/MS test? And if you are subject to these tests, does that automatically mean they are doing a steroid screen?