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How Long Will YOU Live?

In theory, how long (considering lifestyle, past lifestyle, events, etc…) Do you think you’re going to live?

This thread isn’t meant to start melodrama, maybe just a comedic take on your own life. Consider as many factors as you’d like to!

For me, my body has been through a loooot. Some military, much war-stuffs, and due to that I’m missing a few non-essential bits and bobs. I’m in my “light thirties” and started DIY TRT a few years ago to regain some functionality. Besides that, loves lost, loves won, and much third world travel…

I’ve also, I must admit, due to idiocy and recent life events - Taken up cigarette smoking again (menthols). Yarp. Was ten years free of not smoking.

I figure I got maybe ten to fifteen years left in me.

How about you?

All the way to the end.


At 60 (61 actually), I’m outta here.

Momento Mori!

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Could get hit by a car and die walking down the street tommorow. On the other hand perhaps I’ll discover a potion for immortality.

Who knows… I’d make a guess at “somewhat shorter than the average male lifespan”

I will live until i am dead

Since my real name is Connor MacLeod… im not worried.


I’ve actually given this semi-serious thought lately. It dawned on me on my 50th birthday (52 now) that I am most likely more than halfway through my time. Not sure about my paternal grandfather, but my biological father is still alive and relatively healthy at 72. My maternal grandfather lived to his mid 80’s, maternal grandmother lived to mid 90’s, and my mom is quite healthy at 72. So my guess is that I should have at least another 30 years. Quality of time means a heck of a lot more than quantity though. Since my 50th I am much more choosy about what I do with my time, and I don’t give it away freely; this includes mental energy as well. People don’t get to rent space in my head any more.

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It did occur to me a little while back that I might not have as much time as I thought.

Now I just don’t know. :man_shrugging:

Longer than I deserve.