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How Long Will Test Keep?


I recently read a Q&A by William Llewellym ( the guy that wrote Anabolics 10th edition) where he was discussing the "shelf life " of Test after it has been been opened. He said that the bacteria growth can be pretty substantial. He suggested that it should not be allowed to sit longer than 2-3 months after being opened for use. I was wondering if putting the Vial in the freezer would halt the possible bacteria growth or if there were any other precautions that could be taken or would it be best to just get a new vial if it wont be used for say, 6 months.


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Thanks for the input. Prob just easiest to get a new vial of test. It's to cheap to take risks with old stuff.


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Glad I read this as I had previously been told that they have a long life even when dipped into. I will certainly not be taking any risks myself either. With something so important to get right its always best to err on the side of caution when its not going to break the bank as such.


Re filtration (0.2micron) still wouldn't remove endotoxins though.


I have a hard time believing it goes "bad" after 2-3 months...people on TRT doses of T have standard doses of around 100 mg/week, so for a 200 mg/mL vial, you are looking at 5 months before that vial runs out...I find it hard to believe this wouldn't be addressed in the drug literature.