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How Long Will My Body Keep Changing?

new memeber - first post

i actually joined the forum to try to find an answer to one question really. ive searched too many articles on google to count and still cant find an answer. im 37, been going for replacement therapy for probably 10 months now. my t count was VERY low due to prolonged use of pain killers for a back injury, which is very common. now that my levels have been relatively high for a few months now, i do notice a difference in my muscle mass and tone, and have slimed down a bit too… i dont really lift, or exercise aside from working in a construction field, and im about 5’ 10’’ and 185. i know individual results will vary, but my question is how long will my body keep “wanting” to change while im on T. my first measure level were 225, then 169… ive then gone up to 600, 1100, now at 825 . i get regular blood test, and all my level in everything have improved since starting… probably 80% of item checked are now in optimal range .

simply put, will i eventually stop getting more lean and muscular while i keep taking T, or will my body want to keep changing, just at a slower rate? just want to make clear - this really is not the reason i started this, just a happy side effect… regardless - im still curious. thanks in advance