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How Long Will Maltodextrine Mix Keep?


Yesterday I prepared a mix of maltodextrin e powder and juice for my today's workou,t but I'll have to report my workout for tomorrow. Does anybody know how long this type of drink can be preserved in the fridge without altering its nutritional content? (I didn't mix the protein with it yet, so it is just a carb mix).

Do you think it will still be good to drink tomorrow for my evening workout?

Thanks for help guys.


The nutritional content will not change since it is just sugar (maltodextrin) and water. If this was orange juice for example, much of the other nutrients present such as lutein and vitamin c would oxidize over the days and weeks, resulting in decreased nutritional content of the oj.


Thank you very much for the input. So, you wouldn't worry drinking it 2 days later?

Btw, maltodextrin was mixed with water and wildberries 100% pure juice.


keep it in the fridge it will keep as long as the wilberry juice would have prior to the malto.