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How Long Will it Take HCG by Itself to Increase Test Levels

No longer doing 100mg test cyp per week which I did for 12 weeks. Total T went from 209 to 757

This past Friday completed 1 week without the test and first day of 500iu of HCG which I will inject Monday/Wednesday / Friday

  1. Will there be a major drop off in total T as I’m no longer taking it ?

How long will it take HCG to increase:

  1. esticular/ball sack size

  2. Total T levels

(1) Do you know if you are primary or secondary?

(2,3) Response will be within a matter of days.

Thanks for replying.


If my levels were at 757 is there going to be a drop off since I’m immediately replacing test cypionate 100mg for hcg 1500IU?

For some reason Im thinking that Total T and possibly free T will drop because in my mind Test is stronger than HCG especially when comparing those 2 strengths with each other.

I’m still new to this so please apologize for these questions Im asking below id appreciate if i can get answers to them too.

1.If someone is taking artificial Test and at normal/optimal T levels, does their sperm production go down even if they keep taking the artificial test? Is this also why scrotum decreases in size? I know body will shut down and stop making its own…but will fertility suffer while on injections?
Basically sperm production is only normal if test is in optimal range…NATURALLY?
I was always under the impression that as long as Test levels are in normal range(artificial or natural) than sperm should be normal thus fertility should be normal too. Same thing with scrotum size.

2.Also does anastrozole increase Test levels besides decreasing estrogen?

  1. I’m also taking DHEA since i’m low in that. Is that going to increase Test levels significantly?..or only just decrease low DHEA symptoms?

It works quickly, within a matter of hours serum testosterone will increase, then it drops a little and will plateau for a couple of days.

  1. You’re taking exogenous testosterone, it is the same as natural (produced endogenously) testosterone, with an ester attached so it stays in the body longer. As your body recognizes that it has enough testosterone, your body stops making its own, and sperm production decreases and the testicles atrophy.

  2. Anastrozole does not increase testosterone.

  3. Not significantly.

I have been on injections of T cyp for over 2 years and per my last test I have no swimmers none noda zip. I have become sterile. I do take 800iu of HCG every week to keep my balls swinging like they are suppost to however don’t think HCG will keep you boys working in my case they did not YMMV

Test will usually always decrease or eliminate sperm production completely. When you inject exogenous testosterone your suppressing intratesticular testosterone production and the feedback loop is disrupted and therefore the pituitary gland stops LH secretion and this is why the testiscles shrink.

HCG when used with TRT can keep the testicles going and maintain sperm protocol, however there are no guarantees. Adding FSH to a TRT protocol has been shown to do wonders for sperm production even when HCG has failed to do anything for sperm production.

Alright so I’ll try to explain as simple as I can

In May I started 100mg test cyp at my PCP office every Friday for 12 weeks. Total T went from 220 to 757.

I than sought a real doctor from Defy who told me to stop testosterone and prescribed HCG 500iu 3x per week for 8 weeks. 8 week lab results came in my Total T dropped from 757 to 365. Free T went from 18.6 to below normal range.

He is now prescribing testosterone again this time it’s .4ml(80mg) every 3.5 days(Monday morning /Thurs evening) , HCG went from 500iu 3x per week to 2x per week.

This might be stupid. I picked up the testosterone from pharmacy yesterday and decided to take a full .8ml (160mg) in 1 shot and took hcg only twice this week.


So I can have it as starting the protocol this week and not next week.

Starting Monday morning I will do .4ml as prescribed.

But it got me curious when will I start to see results in gym, mood,sleep,etc? All these crashed/plateaued during the 8 weeks I was off testosterone and on HCG .

I hope I don’t have to wait 6+ weeks again like the standard.

Were you not doing well at 100mg per week? I’m wondering why they had you stop test and go with hCG instead?

Difficult to say when you’ll start feeling better, some do so in a few weeks, some a few months.

He stopped test and started HCG to see if I can have optimal T without using test first for safer I guess?

100 was fine. I let him know I like to be at optimal though :wink:

Matter of fact it’s been almost 2 days after that 160mg shot and I feel different like more happier and awoke lol

Will dropping HCG and only taking Testosterone 80mg 2x per week preven my e2 from going to high and taking less AI?

Can I just stop taking my HCG? I’m 25 and not planning on having kids anytime soon.Can’t I just add it later when I do plan on having kids?

I took it by itself for 8 weeks(500iu 3x/week) and nothing really happened my test dropped from 757 to 345 after previously being on 100mg test only for 12 weeks.

Doctor now has me do 80mg test+500iu every 3.5 days.

However like I said I only want to do the test injections and that’s it. I’m sick of HCG as it did nothing for me so I’m put off by it and don’t see it as necessary at this particular point in my life.

No. I’ve been on TRT since 2002 with near four of those years on HCG and T, if memory serves me correctly, and never had elevated estradiol and have never taken an AI. However, everyone is different. But the need for an AI is overrated.

That’s not a lot of HCG for it by itself. Some men need up to 10,000 IU per week with no T for increasing T to normal levels.

I take 1000 IU HCG three times per week for fertility along with 100 mg T for TRT.

I don’t recommend waiting to take it.

What do you mean

“I don’t recommend waiting to take it.”

I want to stop it because it’s a waste of having to inject and more money. Will it be harmful if I just decide to stop right now and add it one day in the long future when I want to have kids if I can’t produce naturally?

I don’t see why not? Sure my LH will go low and my testicles will shrink but it’s not like it matters if I’m not trying to be fertile at this exact moment lol

If it’s a case of money, I have no comment on that. However, HCG is not magic and I THINK the longer one goes without it, the more unpredictable future fertility becomes. My doc told me to give it a year to six months considering the life of sperm. Do you have a woman you want to have kids with?

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HCG doesn’t increase LH.

No I don’t have a woman I want to have kids with.

It’s not really about the money as much as avoiding it for simplicity of my protocol and less frequent injections.

Why did my LH go from .1 after 12 weeks of test only to 3.0 after 8 weeks of HCG Monotherapy?

HCG mimics LH.

Ok that’s what I meant. Anyways what’s YOUR opinion if I stop HCG

I might not be the best guy to go by.

My opinion: take it! And see how you react to it in six months by taking a fertility test. Like I said, it’s not magic. So when you finally meet your wife, you’ll know that options there are. But you’re talking to someone who thinks healthy young men should have kids with the right woman QUICKLY!