How Long Will It Take for Bench to Increase from 187 to 220?

A month and a half ago i benched 85 kg(187lbs) at 128 lbs(58 kg).It wasn’t really hard for me to hit it considering i was pretty fatigued from previous sessions.I have been lifting for apprximately 8 months and lately i have been using a 6x/week push pull legs split(done 2x a week),with 1 rest day.I have been consistently eating 2800 calories per day.I am pretty sedentary outside lifting(some occasional biking).So,considering all of the above,how long should it take?Thanks in advance!

Ad long as it takes.

You will get there faster with a proven strength program and better diet.


Loads of factors at play. For a start get you weight up and can happen pretty fast.

As above, proven strength program like Texas method or Dan John template will get you faster strength gains than a bro split

So I take it the clean bulk you mentioned way back in February didn’t pan out? Since you currently just 3 lbs heavier.

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Dam statisticians… Always digging up details, lol

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I was just asking a simple question :innocent: