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How long will ephedra last?


The deadline is comming up, and I'm wondering if I should buy more ephedra before it's illegal.

How long can it be stored and what is the best method?



Anyone? Time is running out!


C'mon, someone has to know!


Store sealed bottle in a zip lock bag and keep in a cool dry environment.


I was talking with someone that said they will be able to continue to provide
ephedrine. I don't have all the details, but I'll let you know if you like.


Yes Ephedrine HCL will still be sold. So I have heard, that it is an FDA approved for asthma ect ect. But at the same time, i have also heard that the FDA will ban some "salts" which is bound to ephedrine HCL... so who knows whats going on


Yeah, but how long can it be stored?


Would you get the same effect/results by taking ephedrine hcl as from ephedra?