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How Long Will a Neural Charge Workout Enhance Performance or Training?

If I want to use a neural charge workout in the morning to enhance a later strength session, how far apart should the workouts ideally be?

There is a significant increase for 24h and some minor improvements up to 48h. A study actually looked at the power improvement from a workout VERY similar to neural charge and that was their conclusion.

Thanks, C.T. Do you recommend Plazma right before a neural charge workout?

What if you are going to do a heavy strength building workout 90-120 minutes later?

Also, is it fine to do 2 neural charge workouts back to back (several hours apart) or is it better to do a regular training session between each neural charge workout?

If I do back to back neural charge workouts, say one in the AM and one in the PM, is it better to change the loading, going lighter or heavier the second time around?

Actually I wouldn’t use PLAZMA beforea NC workout. First because it’s not necessary due to the super low volume but also because you want to increase dopamine as much as possible and the carbs can hinder that. MAG-10 with and added 1-2g of tyrosine would be better.

Good. That makes sense.