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How Long w/ Rippetoe Program Before Change?



I'm currently training the basic Rippetoe's Starting strength program, and have been using it about 8-9 weeks.

My currently stats (before/after):
Bodyweight: 165 / 181

Weight in lbs and 1RM:
Squat: 260
Bench press: 198
Deadlift: 264 (I could probably lift a few reps more with 264, but the grip is limiting me)
Overhead press: 124
Barbell rows: 154 (back parallell with floor)

Should I keep progressing with the Starting strength program? When should I hit a new program and what's your recommendations on that?


never your forced to do Starting Strength forever and ever because there is this magical force field around doing other types of training thats stopping you.


When you stop seeing consistent gains.


keep on the program from another 4 to 8 weeks or until you stop making progress IMO. But it looks as if you are really showing progress based on your bodyweight as long as it's not fat.


Don't stop if you're progressing : )


Well with your numbers I would probably classicfy you as a beginner still. And at your level of development, you shouldn't even be asking that question just 8-9 weeks in. Also the reason for changing programs is when your gains get stale to give yourself a change of stimulus...so the question is are you still making gains on the program. If so the answer is a definite no. Even the starting strength program - if I'm not mistaken - calls for cycling the weights or "resetting" as he calls it. I would stick with it for at least 6 months if I were you.


The general rule is to keep doing a program until your loads progress.
You can keep doing Starting Strength until you stall twice on squat: see this FAQ: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Starting_Strength_Wiki#FAQ ; you'll find also a couple of Rippetoe's programs to do after SS.



Starting strength can lead to muscle imbalances if you're on it too long. A good next step would be a push/pull or upper/lower split. Or, if you're interested in powerlifting start on a beginner PL plan.


I know some people feel the need to try and be funny in almost every thread but try to keep the Sarcasm or attempted Sarcasm down in the beginners forums.


Hehe, I got it.

And for the program-part, I'll try it for a couple of weeks more and see how the progression goes...


I would echo what Jay is saying here.


Yeah, I have discovered a few weak links already like biceps and triceps (little unsure about the shoulders)....my core has increased good and many of my pants has gotten tight around the quads :-o


A common suggestion I've heard with 5X5 programs is to consider switching it up once you squat 1.5 times your body weight. However, this is probably only a suggestion because this is usually the point when a complete beginner starts to max out on the gains from the program. You've managed to progress beyond that point (or you weren't a complete beginner when you started the program), so there's no point in stopping it yet.


No, that's right I'm not exactly a beginner. I've been training for about 4 years, but all that training was not with good quality, progressive and frequent training (a little on and off because of a year in the army and some basketball at the summer etc).


This is starting to worry me, then. I've been on SS for what seems like an ungodly long time (6 months) but I'm still making gains. One part of me says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," but I hear stuff like this and I worry.

I have the sense that, at least in my case, SS is good for strength on the major lifts and not so great for looking muscular -- which is occasionally disappointing but basically fine, since I'm mainly going for strength. (The dream -- tentative right now -- is to do a powerlifting competition a few years down the road.)

I'd like to go until I get the typical 1xbw bench press, 1.5xbw squat, 2xbw deadlift, and at the rate I'm going I should hit all of those this summer. (It's taking me this long because I started very weak, not because of lack of progress.) Does that sound reasonable or is there something else I should do instead?

(I haven't been totally strict about the 3x5 because there have been a lot of days when I wanted to work up to a PR where I couldn't do that kind of volume. And I move up in weight about once or twice a week, not three times a week, but as I remember it's pretty much always been like that, so I don't think it's "stalling.")


And another question; Should I buy me some wristbands for me to be able to deadlift more?


Do it for atleast a year and then... http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/do_you_care_to_be_my_guineau_pig


There's this cool thing in the English language called a comma. Use one.


You know, all snark aside, I was hoping for some actual advice. I know Starting Strength is a temporary program. It's hard to figure out when to switch, especially when I've kept progressing for longer than I'm supposed to be. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


FatAss2008 wrote:
There's this cool thing in the English language called a comma. Use one.

Is that you in your avatar?