How Long Until the T Kicks In?

Hey guys, I was wondering when I would start feeling better, I’ve had low T for the past 2 years. Little background info:

19 years old
Hypothyroidism(my levels are in normal range now)
Had low T for the past 2 years, my Endo gave me my first T injection 2 weeks ago and I have another this upcoming Tuesday.

My total Testosterone was around 200 and its been under that for a while, I was extremely fatigued and was a bit depressed.

I’m currently on 200 mg of Test cyp each 2 weeks. I was wondering when I would start feeling it as its been 2 weeks so far and I don’t feel all that different.

With that protocol, perhaps never.

Please read the stickies, that will take days and will not be easy.

We cannot do much without lab data with ranges.

Do you have pre TRT:

Any visual field disturbances such as width of peripheral vision? should be near 180 degress

Any blows to your head when you were 16-17 YO?

There are a lot of threads here for young men, find them and read so you know how things flow.