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How Long Until Test E Leaves Blood?


Looking to get on TRT, took last pin of Test E seven days ago. At what point can I feel safe to go get blood work and not show signs of elevated levels?


depends how much you were taking


300mg every 4th day, for 12 weeks


Figure 4 half-lives, so 28 - 40 days depending on what you believe the half-life of Test E to be.

If you're trying to get on TRT, then you don't just want to be in range, you want to be at the bottom of the range. Four half lives to be safe, five half lives you should have no more Test E active. Hopefully, (for your sake) your nuts don't start producing on their own. I would be concerned that the doctor would see LH and FSH = 0, though.

"Primary hypogonadism is associated with low levels of testosterone and high-normal to high levels of LH and FSH. Secondary hypogonadism is associated with low levels of testosterone and normal to low levels of LH and FSH."



^he brings up an interesting point. the test e should be down to normal levels in less than a month. however, the FSH and LH levels are gonna be really low, until the HPTA recovers...

i presume you don't want a PCT here, so i second the point about a month or so...


Decided I'm going to just PCT and forget the TRT for now. I'm considering competing at a high level for CF and will get tested if I do. With detection times of 3 months, I'd probably better stay clear.

But out of curiosity, would HCG bring LH and FSH up to par?


well, assuming PCT goes well, then LH and FSH should be back up.... that's how the HPTA works.

FWIW, HCG used to be used to try to correct the T:E ratio of a PED test... however, it does not make up for the carbon isotope test, which would detect exogenous testosterone...