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How Long Until Test 250 E is Out of System?


I am 21 years old , 5'7 in height and weight about 70kg . I have just started using test 250 ethanate . So far I have had three jabs two in the butt and one in the shoulder, I take it twice a week . The reason I made this forum
Is because I have been researching about how long it stays in your system for after use .

I have read its usually about 3 months , so does this mean if I stop taking now will I be clear in 3 months ? Is there anything to speed it up to get out of my system for a drugs test ( yes it will be a steriod drug test not a usual one) .

Also what should I take after coming off it and for how long etc because I've only had three jabs? Will I see any effects or side effects from three jabs ? Thanks a lot to whoever can help me out , yes I know I'm clueless and shouldn't of started no need to post saying that cheers.


im not sure what the clearance time is, but there is nothing you can do to speed up the process.

you will not see anything from 3 jabs, if you stopped now you will most likely be clear in 3 months

i would take nolvadex and/or clomid for a few weeks just to be safe, though i don't know the clearance times for those either.. and they would most likely show up on a steroid test


What Is novaldex and clomid? When should I start taking , how much and for how long ? Cheers


I am by no means an expert like others here, but I'll say it before they do.. did you not do any research before starting? These are things you should know prior to purchasing gear.




You basically just said I've been riding a motorcycle since last week. What is a helmet?




yes exactly what I am saying :confused: Now that I've had a bit of a telling of please can I get some help please .


You suck, anything that happens to you from this points on, is 100% your fault. Sorry, no help from me, I only help people smarter than a stool sample.


Ok I've been speaking to my friend he's explained all about novaldex and clomid. I'm now wondering when and fr how long I should take these for since I've only done 3 jabs . Plus do I need to take armidex and for how long? Cheers to anyone what will help me out


There's not much of anything that can be done to clear the drugs from your system any quicker man. Typically athletes (I'm assuming you are one since you're being tested for steroids?...) use fast acting and fast clearing PEDs for this exact reason.

Now, the sunny side to this situation is you are healthy and did not do any real damage to your HPTA, and will most certainly recover.

Also, as Walkaway already mentioned, since we don't know the clearance time for nolva and clomid, it is probably not the best idea to introduce either at this point.

Life is one giant learning experience, which unfortunately does not have a rewind button...

Best of luck.


OP your awesome and the smartest guy I have ever seen on these boards FACEPALM jesus.


With only 3 jabs like you were told earlier you should be fine. I don't think you've been on long enough to show on a test. The Nolva can show on a blood test for awhile though. The metabolite they test for can show up for months.

When will you be tested? Lets start there


I'm not an athlete no I don't really want to discuss my job profession but I'm sure people can figure out what a 21 year old would be doing as a job what does steriod testing. Thanks a lot iron man and install glass for giving me a bit of advice . So because I've only had three jabs does that mean I shouldn't have to take anything to stop me getting tits etc and do I not need to do any PCT? The test could come around any time in the next couple of months :confused: Iron man what do you mean I should recover etc does this mean I've done no damage to my body and won't have any side effects?


Could or will? If your "profession" is what I'm thinking they very rarely test for this. They mostly test for street drugs.


Lets just say the other half of us was tested as someone was caught with some steriods and I think we are next . I'm really worried about my hpta etc. I'm not sure weather to take any hcg and do pct etc for my own health plus if they will show up on the test :confused:


You really should just tell us what you do and give us proper info. Nobody is going to judge you except for the fact that you started without any real knowledge. I assumed armed forces but "the other half" comment confuses me. We can get a better idea of what will be tested for.

HCG certainly won't be necessary. Nolva is debatable this early in a cycle. Obviously end the cycle. If the test comes in the next week you probably won't be able to avoid detection. You (probably) haven't used enough to be detectable in a few weeks. The nolva is believed to be detectable for up to three months. You aren't likely to have completely shutdown with three jabs but safety would say run a short course of nolva.


Yeah you guessed it , ok Im going to stop taking it . All I have had is the test ethane nothing else if I just completely stopped taking it and took nothing else eg novla would I my system restore its self or would I have bitch tits and small balls etc further down the line? I'm really been looking into this but no one seems to be in my situation and only took a few jabs then wanted to stop . I don't want to take the novla because it lasts 3 months as you can understand . If I really do need to ale it what dosag etc woul you advise.

Thanks instalglass


I'm going to assume you're a cop. Military doesn't give 2 shits about steroids

Hell, I know when I was in EOD training (before I got hurt and med dropped) tons of operators would openly talk to their higher ups about what they were taking.


Yes they do. It doesn't happen often but they do. All recruits are drug tested for the common 5. Random for steroids and they will test anyone if they believe you are using AAS. Many people use AAS and their supervisors etc. know about it and don't care but a few do or will screw you later if you piss them off.