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How Long Until my Cycle is Screwed?

So quick rundown of my situation. Started my cycle of cyp 6 weeks ago. Ordered 2 goals of cyp and my pct from a guy I’ve been getting my gear from for years. He usually doesn’t habe cyp on hand, so I could only get 1 at the time. Was supposed me meet me a week ago to get my second vial, and dude is a ghost. I’m officially 8 days after my last shot. I can get another vial, but it may take up to a week. How long can I go before I have to preload again? Is my cycle completely screwed? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

You are gonna want to look at the half life of cyp and then see how much is actually left in your system once you get the next bottle… or just try to find some enth or prop to hold you over till the cyp gets there… if your levels are way low, then you can consider a pct and a short wait… alwaysalwaysalways get yo shit together before 1st pin…

When u get it just start where you left off. It will be 3 weeks after last pin before you should notice any difference in strength or libido.

So I won’t habe to preload even 3 weeks after my last pin? I planned on picking up where I left off, but was concerned about having to add another 3-4 weeks on to my cycle.