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How Long Until Longjack/Tongkat (Eurycoma Longifolia) Clears System?


The answer to this question is very hard to find. I understand that this her “builds up” but how long does it take to wear off so I can take a blood test and see my
normal (presumably LOW) test scores? Tongkat seems to work but I’d like options because nobody knows what long-term use of it will do -and it might even cause problems down the line (not enough studies to
know). Had alllllll the symptoms of low-T, estrogen dominance, or thyroid fatigue for my entire teen/early adult life (I’m 24 now). Recently even lost all interest in sex…i at least looked at people before…so taking to the internet for ways to raise my teatosterone, I researched supplements and had success with Tongkat ali pills. My scrotum got hotter (temp), two shades darker (from blood flow, presumably), got a sex drive again (though still limited), and got better muscle tone, strength and even some chest hair sprouting and my puffy nipples shrunk a bit. After 2.5 weeks, I was walking and sitting up with maybe 30-40% better posture (instead of like Smiegol from Lord of the rings), and alot more pep in my step. Confidence overall after 2.5-3 weeks. Now that I know it’s definitely low-T, I’m eager to get tested but not sure how long it takes for Tongkat to wear out of my system so I can show a more accurate testosterone score. With it, my score will probably be higher than it actually is. I juat reeeeaallllly don’t want to be off of it for more than a week -and lose all my newfound confidence, wellbeing and exercise gains. I actually look and feel more like a guy now…so you can imagine how unappealing it is to stop all my progress short to prove to some ass hole in a lab coat that I’ll need TRT (even if just to have the option available) or clomid.

If you’re wondering my test scores, I’m pretty lost too. virtually no energy to even situp or stand with my shoulder back or straight,no morning wood, and loss of muscle mass, no libido and unwell feeling overall…I think my body has been crying for help.for a very long time (since highschool people know me as the slouchy unwell guy). Turns out my useless doctor (2 years ago) didn’t check my T levels like I asked her, embarrassingly in low tone and then said everything was fine after I asked her (also in lower tone) during the test score review. Either she didn’t hear me or she didn’t give a shit. This is why it’s important to read up on stuff and not take a doctor’s word for it -even if the results look like medical gibbrish.


Um… dunno how long it takes to wear off. Herbs are very rarely standardized anyway. So even if you see a study that it takes exactly 37.5 days, it wouldn’t apply to you because herbal supplements are very rarely standardized.

Perhaps give blood for a few weeks and then get tested?


That’s true but I was wondering if anybody noticed loss of positive symptoms (like T-boost, strength, energy) while on their “off” cycle of it.


have you ever had bloodwork to measure your T?


No, not yet. Want to keep off the Tongkat to get a better idea of what’s going on and none of my doctors checked in the past -even after requesting it. Didnt know at the time because I never checked or even knew what to look for in the results. The Tngkat might show higher score than there was before starting. So wondering if anybody might have ideas as to how long one would have to wait for the effects to wear off for a more accurate T-level test.


Id say a month would be a safe bet.


This is concerning injections, but it might have some reciprocity with what you are talking about.

***Injections produced elimination kinetics of a 0.88+/-0.19 h1 mean elimination rate constant, a half-life of 1.00+/-0.26 hours, and a clearance rate of 0.39+/-0.08 L/h/kg.[14]

Soooo, if it has about an hour half life. and it takes about 5 half lives to “eliminate” a drug.

Would also make sense, because I believe Tongkat is dosed 3 times a day. Would make sense with such a short half life.


This makes sense. Like how prescription drugs work. The only thing is that puzzling is how the effects of it seem to last longer than the herb (presumably) could last in the body. This could be a good thing because maybe my nads were damaged from heat or something and taking the herb promoted healing. Or maybe it lasts longer because of the “build-up” effect people talk about with tongkat. Though you’re probably right, the herb must be out of the system, just the effects might linger from the promoted blood flow to the groin.


Have to grudgingly agree somewhat. Sucks having to wait but probably not long. Thanks though.


Well thanks for the advice guys! I appreciate it and got tested shortly after with a Groupon I had. It came in at 500. Guessing that’s good? I didn’t feel the way I usto before the tongkat (basically like crap) but I wasn’t as great as I felt while on it either so I figured it’s worth a shot since I can always get it checked through a doctor later. This makes me think it was pretty low before I took it. Now that I’m taking it again from the off cycle, I noticed mild effect and now back to feeling like shit. Guessing it doesn’t work anymore or arometase is biting me in the ass.

Also experiemcing the negative effects of testosterone (body/face acne), super oily skin and only the slight benefit of hairyer legs…and the symptoms of estrogen dominance happening again (except for puffy nipples and gyno): higher voice, increase in shyness, lack of confidence, lack of energy, slouching, NO sex drive (only mild momentary arousal while looking at the usual stimuli but without the erection and no interest aside from the immediate display). Maybe DIM and grapeseed can counter this? Hopefully no need to turn to anastrozole or other powerful chemicals yet (prefer to start off light since I’m still 24 and not even in shape yet). If anything, I’ll probably find out soon enough anyways and post if there’s any changes. Thanks again, guys!