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How Long Until I Feel Better? Other Hormone Levels?


Hey, TRT forums, happy to say I’ve finally started on TRT! I’m on test enanthate 50mg, 2x / week (doc said he would be willing to adjust the dosage depending on how I feel), hCG 250iu EOD, and my doc said he’d be willing to add an AI if necessary, so the holy trinity is there.

A little bit of background: 23 year old male with total T around 250. For the last few years, I’ve felt like my head is in a bubble - can’t really describe it, though I imagine I’d be wasting my breath with you guys :slight_smile: no sex drive, soft erections, depression, the works.

Anyway, I’m about two weeks in and not feeling much better, which I suppose is to be expected. How long does it typically take for men on TRT to feel better? I’ve heard anywhere between 3 weeks to a full year. I’m a patient guy, but I’d rather not have to wait an entire year to be my old self again (not that I have a choice). I’m scheduled to get another level in about a month, and we’ll be measuring:

Total T
Free T

I’ve read there are others that I should be getting as well, just to rule out other / additional causes of my symptoms. What do you all think of the list? I’ve done a good amount of research, but hormones are tricky business:

Growth hormone
Thyroid hormones
Red blood cell count

One last thing; test propionate. I’ve heard that this ester best mimics the testosterone in your body and helps to prevent E2 spikes, rendering the AI unnecessary, but I’d rather not inject every day and create scar tissue. Any way to inject this one subcutaneously?

Thanks, everyone! I’m happy to officially be part of such a helpful and informative community :slight_smile:


Did you have FSH and LH tested already to determine if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism? You seem very young to be on T shots.

SERMs may be better for you pending the results of those tests. Prolactin is a good one to get also to rule out a pituitary tumor.


I started feeling it at six weeks, continued improvement for about a year.

Good luck.


Do you have your pre trt labs/blood work?


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Please post your pre-TRT LH/FSH


Your low T was a symptom, not the root cause.


I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but I got a test for that and they determined that I was secondary. They measured my LH / FSH and then gave me a GnRH analogue and my LH / FSH temporarily increased, as did my testosterone level.

I had an MRI done as well, no tumor.