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How Long Until I Can Cycle After Gyno Surgery?

So I’ve had gyno since I was a teen, aas didn’t make it worse, but nothing’s helped it go away either so after letting it ruin my confidence for so long I’ve finally decided to get it operated. I’m currently about 4 weeks off and will be getting operated in 4 weeks, but my question is :

I know that after the operation you can’t train for roughly 2/3 weeks, but how much do you have to wait tll you can cycle again? This cycle I went up about 10 kilos(around 22 pounds) and after going off I’ve only lost 2 kilos which was mainly water weight. This cycle works very well for me so I’ve got no desire or plans to change it, my question is if started the cycle 3-4 weeks after the surgery(12 weeks breaka) and theoretically gained another 10 kilos, would there be any risk of the seam breaking, and if so how long would I have to wait till I can cycle.

Second question is :

A friend of mine told me that after getting the operation, if you grow alot (and I’ve still got a long journey infront of me), that there’s a chance that the location of your nipple can move up, if so is there any way to pervent this or in the case that it does happen, is there an operation which can fix it or is it something you’ll just have to deal with?

Thank you very much :smiley: