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How Long Until HCG Starts to Take Effect?

Been reading a lot about the benefits of taking hcg while on trt. Again been on trt now for several months, how long generally till hcg taken regulary starts to take effect?

I doubt there is any hard and fast rule or answer to this question but your feed back on your experiences is much appreciated.

I’m interested to know as well. I’m currently on a fairly large dose (1500iu 3x per week) as trt alternative and yet to see any changes in testie size or scrotum tightness

Everything I’ve read online suggests physical response in testies is fairly rapid, state of being can take a few weeks I believe

One to two weeks.

What are the benefits that you read about HCG?

Do you experience any kind of uplifting mood, better skin and clearer mind with HCG ?

not really it definitely brings your testicles back to normal size