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How Long to Wait to Workout after Gyno Surgery?

So I have my 2nd gyno surgery scheduled for next Tuesday. I previously had gyno surgery on my left pec about 5 years ago that was the size of a walnut and I remember I felt fine 2-3 days after and was in the gym like normal. I never got surgery on my right side because it was like a BB size, didn’t hurt and wasn’t noticeable. Not sure what happened over time the right side grew to about an almond size or even smaller. My right side you can barely see at all, my gyno on my left pec you could notice however.

I’ve talked to some BB guys who said the docs told them to wait like 4-6 weeks until working out because they said you could get a rear tear and really mess up your pec. I’m in a difficult spot because I want the surgery but I’m sitting at just shy of 8% BF looking the best I ever have and if I can’t workout for weeks I’d rather just wait until winter. The guys I’ve spoken to who have had the surgery went through a plastic surgeon and had really bad noticeable steroid induced gyno that was near a golf ball size. I’m getting it done by a well known hospital (same surgeon as before) and the incision is going to be on my nipple like a centimeter in size. What are you all thoughts/experiences? I could deal with being out for a week but really would love to keep up the great work I’ve put in so far this year.

What does he say?

Whenever I feel fine was what I was told last time - I’m going to call again tomorrow to confirm what they say

My god what bro-science. You need to dump those BB friends or at least stop taking advice from them. Your pec has nothing to do with gyno other than it is setting on top of the muscle.
Let pain be you guide when starting your exersize back up. If you truely have visible gyno I don’t care how jacked you think you are everyone will notice your bitch tits. Get the surgery and learn how to use the right drugs when cycling.

Doc said “really as simple as when you feel good you can resume workouts but be on the lookout for any pain/irritation and you may want to apply a pressure dressing to prevent fluid build up with the increased movement after surgery.” So It sounds like I should be fine and judging by the fact my gyno last time was about 2x as big as this one I’m optimistic I should be good to workout in a couple days or week at most.

Had surgery yesterday - went great and pain is a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10 and a little swelling. Doctor said 1-2 weeks not lifting anything over 15lbs. and I started laughing (this was right after surgery lol) and she said why are you laughing, I said because that’s not going to happen. But then I followed up and said seriously I know you have to say nothing over 15lbs. but if I have 1) no pain 2) no swelling can I workout light legs/left side of body etc (i.e. nothing directly on pecs) what risk do I run and she said “not making any promises but you should be fine” and then she had to run to another surgery.