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How Long to Wait to Train After 1st Meal?

Hey Guys, I have been IF for quite some time but need to get my meal timing down. I wake-up around 4:30 am, go to work and sometimes it is a very physical day. Finish around 10 am, usually have lunch at 10:30 then train at 11 am. Should I train fasted or wait after I eat around how much time? Sometimes feel sluggish training after a meal. Any advice would help.

Depends on a lot of factors like meal composition and ur natural daily energy peaks/troughs. If your factors/circumstances are consistent then trial and error may work for you.

2 hrs after a big meal works for me. Like everything:carbs/fats/proteins. May snack or drink fast carbs, electrolytes leading into the workout.

I think it’s a very individual thing. For me I can only train right after a full meal. If not I run out of gas in the middle of my workout due to feeling like I’m starving. My son (29) has to train on an empty stomach or he throws up his meal. Everyone is different.

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The simple solution is to employ basic peri-WO. I routinely fast (up to 44 hours) then break the fast using 20g HBCD, 20g Peptopro, with a host of other pre-WO ingredients. I consume another 10g HBCD intra-WO with a few other bits and pieces. I have really good energy levels using this system. I also believe you’re fully exploiting the fasted state and gaining excellent nutrient absorbtion pre-WO.

Of course, my cirumstances are different to yours: I train late afternoon/early evening.

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Like stated above everyone is different so see what works for you. I give myself an hour after a light meal before I train. Light meal is 2 packs instant oats and 30 g protein in egg whites.

I feel better fasted but I train way better with some nutrients. Lately (last 8 months) I’ve been training first thing in the morning and have been doing a shake with 60g carbs from maltodextrin powder and 20g whey protein. I drink half while I warm up and make sure I finish it before I finish my main work for the day. If you’re doing really short (<45 min) workouts with lower reps, you’re probably not missing out on much by going fasted. Otherwise, you’re probably leaving a rep or three on the table.

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