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How Long to Wait for Blood Tests?


I was on 60mg test 3 x week no AI and no HCG and my blood test came back:

FSH .7miu/ml
LH .2miu/ml
Prolactin 8.0ng/ml
TT 624ng/dl
Estradiol 33pg/ml

I have been on trt for a little over a year was doing 60mg 2 x week with 300iu 2 x week felt ok still a little tired though. Decided to switch to MWF 40mg shots somewhere during the switch I went back to 60mg shots by mistake just realized a couple of weeks ago I was taking too much. I also started going to a new Dr and dropped the HCG a few months ago,compounding pharmacy he knew wanted $250 for HCG. I found a good price at another pharmacy and started HCG again but nuts are still shrunk it’s been a month since I started back on the HCG.

So here are my questions:

Should I add Clomid or Novadex to help with the shrinkage or do I just need more time?

After reading on this forum have decided to go with 30mg test eod 250iu HCG eod day after test shot, and Arimidex in liquid form 1mg split thru the week 1 squirt a day shoud put me at 1mg a week.

How long should I wait to have blood tests done again with my new protocol?

Thanks for any help, great forum!



You should give the new protocol 3-4 weeks. Most guys inject T every 3.5 days. Not necessary to do anymore frequently. Also we generally take the adex at the time of the injections. This really helps with lab timing. It’s good to run labs halfway between injections to get a good read on your levels. So, I inject Sunday am and Wednesday pm and test either Friday pm or Tuesday am. Consistency really helps when making dose adjustments.


Thanks for the advice Nashtide good to know I only need to do 2 shots of test a week. I’m going to follow your advice. Do you take HCG? I’m guessing no since you didn’t mention it just wondering if there is a better time to take it then the day before my test shot.


I do use hcg, I didn’t mention it becuase your protocol is spot on. I actually inject 250iu E3D but I’m old and don’t care about fertility.


Was hCG shipped to you wet or dry?
You can do a home pregnancy test and it should read positive, otherwise it is bunk or severely damaged.

Testes should get larger and scrotum should relax and hang.
E2 does not affect the above sentence.

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Regarding the pregnancy test. Do we shoot a little of the hcg on the test strip or pee on it?


Pee on it as directed. Best to be first flow of the AM as directed.

Someone failed that then tested the hCG direct and that failed too.


Thanks. I get mine dry from a reputable compounding pharmacy. So I have no concerns.


Testes are back

Thanks for the stickies great stuff!

TSH was 1.13mIU/L range 0.40-4.50 mIU/L

Feeling pretty good on 50mg Cyp 2x week and 300iu 2x week dropped the Arimidex going to test after 4 weeks and decide then if I need to add Arimidex.

Thanks for the help KSman