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How Long To Wait Before Reordering?

Ordered some dbol off a site that had good ratings.

Cash picked up and site went down.

They still remain to get good ratings though.

Should I wait for a package or reorder elsewhere? Kinda wanted to start sooner than later.

Ugh. This is exactly why I stayed with PHs so long…

Edit: Is it even worth it for scammers over $50?

I’d wait it out for a little while. Never know where they’re shipping from from.

Any way to contact via email?

In the future I’d steer away from web based sites and use ones that only use secure email to communicate

They’re shipping from China, I think, least that’s where I sent WU to, to Japan; shipping generally takes 5-7 days from there.

I’ll wait a week, email support and see what happens. Thanks for the secure email tip. That didn’t even cross my mind since it’s legal here.

Lately I’ve been using bitcoin as payment. A little pain in the ass at first but I like it better now.

So, while the website did go down for a day or two, it came back up under another extension (switching from com, net, and then another that it’s currently at), most likely to avoid cease & desist orders.

As @studhammer suggested, it’s probably beneficial to go with a supplier that uses encrypted mail as opposed to a web ordering system as it could cut out many middle-men as later described in the process.

The whole ordeal was confusing. First, I placed an order. Then, I had to Western Union money to China where I thought the goods would be coming from. After the funds were verified, the tracking numbers were provided when the website came back and it shipped from, of all places, Malta. It seems like this AAS-ring is complicated, to say the least, for being undetected, especially when shipping to countries where d-bol, amongst other AAS, are completely legal.

Anyhow, the product arrived today and it’s just going to be up to me to determine if it’s bunk (highly doubtable as I’ve read d-bol is so cheap that it rarely is) or methyltestosterone (which is a possibility, but since I’ve had prescriptions for it, I should be able to tell versus other people’s euphoric experiences).

how’d you get a script for methyltestosterone, it isn’t commonly prescribed anymore (sometimes for androgen deficiency in the US I believe, but I think it’s very, very, very, very expensive if not covered by insurance https://www.goodrx.com/methyltestosterone like GH level expensive!). Granted I’d happily pay the price if I got a script for it lol (methyltestosteorne, not GH)

I think it’s been discontinued here, but not sure cause I haven’t asked in a minute (year+). 25mg daily MT was/is an IM injection alternative here, although being discontinued nearly worldwide for various reasons.