How Long to Wait Before Changing Protocol?

Started eod 4 weeks ago , feel better but still feeling levels go up and down , should I give it a few more weeks or go ahead and try daily

Out of interest what ester are you using?

Whats your SHBG?

The experienced guys on here will ask what your bloods look like before passing comment

Give it more time or this board will go apeshit on you.

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I’m a definite noob, but yeah 4 weeks is really soon to be changing. I recently changed mine right at the 8 week point and took a downturn in how I felt leaving me to wonder if I changed too soon.
Give it another 4 weeks - I’ve been told over and over that patience is critical when dialing in your protocol and patience is not my strong suit.

Your levels are up and down because your hormones are in flux, how long it takes for homeostasis depends on the ester. How long until you start to see benefits of said protocol is another matter entirely.

I didn’t’ know that about the ester being a factor in stabilization; how long (typically) for cypionate?

Once youre on dailies, switching protocol dosage becomes easier and less taxing. But going from EOD to daily in the beginning is not going to get you where you need to be. I would not change a thing for 8 more weeks. 12 weeks is where you can really gauge things.

Yeah I’ve decide to give it at least 10 to 12 weeks because in the process of going to eod I also dropped my dosage so I’m def still in flux