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How Long to Wait After T Injection?


Whats up guys, I was told to wait about 8 hrs before working out after a test injection is that true?
I'm currently injecting 200 cc twice a week Mon & thursday morning in the glutes I work out Mon-Fri
I'm 32 yrs old & about 170 lbs 5'7.


i usually wait 1 week.


makes no difference


where do people come up with these..


body building dot com


Their friends who are hooge.


I do mine after my workout. I take my shake unwind for a bit take a shower and then pinn


You don't have to wait. You were given stupid advice.


I start lifting before I withdraw the needle.


200 cc?


hell sometimes i pin bilaterally the muscle group im going to train just for the extra pump sensation...

so yes.. after your first pin i'd wait 3 years to train.


The cubic centimeter and the milliliter are equivalent units. 1 cc = 1 mL. 200 cc or ml twice a week = 400. The more common first cycles utilize 500 cc per week but you will notice some small gains on that.

Responding again to the op question...you will rediscover your penis while you ponder how long to wait before lifting.

To be good is not enough when you dream of being great could be a verbal parallel to this 400cc dosage.

Read these while preparing your 400cc's






I think you mean 400 mgs. If you took 400 cc's a week you would be fucking huge or more than likely dead. If 1 cc = 1 ml which it does 400 cc = 400 ml.




Yeah don't listen to my sleep talking... it's mg's my vial is 200mg / ml.

400 cc or ml would see some bad sides ;]

But a guy can dream. (he just shouldn't post while doing so)


i got bit by a mosquito last night... i bet that mother fucker is huge today.


Or just extra hungry


u need to bencht press 500lbs and let a friend inject u in the glute for the best results..

haha it doesnt matter really