How long to use T2-Pro?

I’ve seen a quite a few threads about T2-Pro recently. I’m starting this new one because my question didn’t really fit with the others. Anyway … I’m starting my Fat Fast next week (hoping to go 4-6 weeks!). I’ll be using MD6 the whole time, but plan to implement some T2-Pro around Week 3 (when the thyroid starts slowing down) and continue until the end of the fat fast. My question is: how long after the fat fast should I continue the T2? I plan to build up my calories, gradually going up to 100 grams of carbs over 8-9 weeks. This incremental increase will take me from 1300 calories to 2500 calories, which is a little below maintenance. I don’t expect my thyroid function to go back to normal right after the FF - I figured maybe continuing the T2 for at least a few weeks. Any comments or advice?


Thats a good question. According to the literature, you dont have to cycle off it, because it doesnt suppress TSH. I just started using it myself, Thursday will be one week. I just started dieting on Feb 1st. I have one bottle, and plan on using it, then taking a break. Just curuius to see how my body reacts to coming off it. I am using MD6 (old formula) very sparingly as I have high blood pressure. But I dont see any problem with continuing T2pro for a few weeks after your fat fast diet.

Wacky idea: Call Biotest and ask them! :slight_smile: