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How Long to Take HOT-ROX Extreme?


I read somewhere that you should only take HRX for a month or two, is that true? I'm getting near the end of my first bottle and wondering if I should stop there. Does your body adapt and is it best to take a break from the pills?


I believe the recommendation is after twelve weeks of continuos use one should take at least a two week break before resuming use. That is what I follow at least.



Ok, so you can pretty much take it year round as long as you have a 2 week break every quarter.


Do you really need to be on it that much? Once I am done with a bottle I don't want to be anywhere near it for a while...but that's just me. I love the results to get over a hump but I try to use proper diet to keep the fat loss going.


I hear what you are saying vbm, but I know of friends who really like the way they feel when using HOT-ROX and sometimes use it for extended periods for that reason. So, they aren't just using it for fat loss. It's my belief that it also has a pretty strong effect on promoting muscle gains and I have used it for extended periods due to that.



Out of curiosity, if that is you in your profile picture, why are you taking HOT-ROX?


Most "fat loss" pills are not meant to be on year round. You should cycle on and off the product. One month on and one month off. If that is you in your picture there is no need for you to be taking HRX.


Anorexia Nervosa is a disease, instead of asking Dedicated what to do - maybe you should consult a psychiatrist.


I guess I can kind of understand that. Sometimes the energy boost puts me in great mood for many hours and I love the prolonged energy...I just feel I shouldn't rely on it for that either. Not criticizing you...just think you may want to explore other options. With that said, I think HOT-ROX is a great product.


I used Spike for a month. After that, I started using HOT-ROX and am nearly finished with my first bottle. I've never used any kind of stimulants before, and only rarely drink coffee. Just looking at my options going forward.

I like the energy boost I get in the gym, and the appetite supression is a nice bonus. My main concern is that my body will get used to the stimulants, so I will start actually needing them to reach the same performance levels I could get before I tried stimulants. Has anyone noticed this happening?

texasguy1 and cormac, to answer your question I am trying to take that last step toward getting a defined six pack. I've been working out for 5 years and feel close to it, but haven't been able to cross that final hurdle yet. The HOT-ROX has helped me get into single digit BF% for the first time.


I don't want to bash your efforts, but how successful have you been at gaining lean mass? From what I understand you are very keen on living a caloric restriction lifestyle - this is not in the spirit of T-Nation, and you know it! Of course I am going to go ahead and reiterate my point, that you do not look like someone that should be dieting.

I'm more than slightly bemused that you are even thinking about seeing a six-pack yet. It takes years of hard work in the gym and implementing a proper lifestyle providing adequate nutrition and rest. You're going to scare most chicks when you reach your goal to look like a god damn skeleton person.


I'm 5'6", waist size 29 and weigh about 151. Five years ago, I had a size 40 waist and weighed 205.

Not sure why you think I'm anorexic, I'm currently doing the Cheat to Lose diet and I fully enjoy my cheat day. When I went to the State Fair a couple weeks ago, I had a corn dog, deep fried cookie dough, deep fried snickers, and a deep fried pb&j sandwich.

I don't think I'm a skeleton, just a normal guy trying to develop a six pack. Here are some pics I took tonight to give you an idea.


second shot


back shot


Just wanted to chime in and say that you're lookin good, forlife, nowhere near a skeleton - your avatar doesn't really do your physique justice. That just goes to show you how deceptive clothes can be.

With that said, you're almost there man, just keep with it - I understand the desire to pursue a goal to the end, and I for one don't think you are lacking enough muscle to pursue your goal of rippedness. You are close, though, to being pretty fuckin' lean, hell you already are, and once you get there it looks like you have good potential to develop some good size. Just be patient and once you start gaining muscle don't balloon back up! Eat enough to support optimal growth.

/end hijack


I agree man, keep it up. I get a little tired of hearing that everyone has to be 250 pounds or it's a mortal sin to want to get as lean as possible. Not everyone has the same goals period. In your case you are definitely carrying enough muscle to get cut and enjoy the goal and accomplishment of getting a hard earned six pack. I also, through my experience, feel HOT-ROX helps to keep muscle in a calorie reduced state. I believe hearing that A7-E (in HOT-ROX) ramps up protein synthesis.




Looking solid.


I would advise anyone not to take HOT-ROX for an extended period of time. I took HOT-ROX for a little more than a year straight with some off periods and your body gets used to it very quickly. I didn't want to go over the suggested dose (4 a day) so I would drink more coffee / energy drinks in order to get to the same energy level I got when I first started the HOT-ROX.

This led to rapid / irregular heart beats and palpitations at night after awhile. I currently went to the doctor and they checked blood pressure, which was perfect (122/74), and I was put on an EKG in which results were perfect. They took some blood to check my thyroid and I should get results back in a week or so. I might have an overactive thyroid and its most likely from taking all the stimulants for a prolonged period of time.

I am only 21, and am regretting ever taking HOT-ROX period. I've concludeded that all you need is a strict diet & perseverence to achieve your goals, not any pills.


From the HRX label:
"Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding, elderly or under the age of 18, chronically ill, or [b]taking[/b] any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, including but not limited to antidepressants (such as MAO inhibitors), stimulants, allergy medications, and medications for high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions."

I don't want to seem like a jerk, but it sounds like you burned out your thyroid, or whatnot, from over doing the stimulants, not the HRX. Add on that you were on for "a little more than a year straight with some off periods", and it sounds like you just flat-out overdid it.

I might agree with you on this. If training and nutrition are dialed in 106%, then supplements really aren't necessary but they can absolutely make good plans even better.


I'm taking HOT-ROX Extreme. I don't plan on taking anything else with it! and I certainly won't take it for longer than two months.