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How Long to Take Glycobol?


I've been taking glycobol, an insulin-mimicker (http://dc2vap001p:81/default.asp?page=%2Fmain%2Easp%3F) for around 2 months now (2 bottles worth). Although I can't find any information about how long it should be taken for maximum etc, do you guys think I should come off it for a month or so, or is it safe to take theoretically long-term?


When I emailed John Meadows about his GDA he said he hasn't seen any reason to cycle off it. I know it's not the same supplement but some of the compounds are probably very similar (that link didn't work for me) but it is the same kind of supplement so you're probably ok with continued usage. That being said, I've never taken that supplement and I don't know all the ingredients so hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.


Q. How long can I take this?
A. This can also be considered a general health supplement, on top of being a great supplement for building muscle and losing fat. Because of its make-up, being a potent antioxidant and health promoting supplement, it can be used for extended periods of time.


Hamster, how did you find the product worked?


Very noticeable at first, gaining size all over without any impact on my waistline (if anything I felt leaner), great pumps etc, but I feel like the effects have worn down somewhat since the time I started 2 months ago. Hence the wondering about coming off it for a bit. That and I have absolutely NO idea if it might be long-term harming my insulin levels/receptors etc... would love John Meadows or another sciency person to chime in right now.


IDK if this thread has your answer, but you might find it interesting:



fucking lulz @ sciency

I'm not, but I was also under the impression that all the ingredients could be considered under the category of general health and taken as long as you saw fit.