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How Long to Take Cabergoline?

Hi. I had slightly elevated prolactine, no tumors in pituitary but the pituitary has slight herniation at the frontal part.

I started caber 23 April. I started 2 times per week 0.125mg. My prolactine dropped from 360 to 280 just 10 days after that and got in range, but still not optimal.

I took blood test last week, unfortunately prolactine has not moved further down - 288. I decided to increase one of the weekly doses to 0.250mg(half a pill) and the other one to remain 0.125mg. I took that 0.250 on Sunday, but the next two days I was very overhyped, irritant and a bit felt crazy. I think the dopamine rush was too strong.

Do you think I can get used to these sides or that they will pass after a few 0.250mg doses?

Also when I reach optimal prolactine levels (160-200 as I know) how long should I continue to take it? I know if I stop immediately my levels will go up. The local endo told me I should take it at least six months.

Were you having symptoms of high prolactin? What was the effect of having it on the higher side?

I was feeling shitty and low energy libido decreased but my test is also low-normal which very likely is connected to the prolactine so cannot say what is what

Also my reverse T3 came out elevated:

Reverse T3 S 325 pg/ml 90 - 215