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How Long to Stay on DAA, Alpha Male?


Hi guys,

I've read many of the forums regarding DAA and have just finished the first two weeks loading 3g twice a day. Now ready to back down to a maintenance level at 3g once per day. Per CT's recommendation...and he knows a hell of a lot more about it than most of us. How long can we dose without any adverse effects? I'm currently taking a daily dose of Rez-V as well.

Also Alpha Male, are are we able to dose year round without coming off of it as well?

Perhaps a 12 week on and 2 week off protocol would be best here for both products.

Chime on!


what does it say on the bottle?


Obviously it doesn't. I'm not talking how to cycle Alpha or DAA...I'm talking continued use in general. It does say to fully feel the effects of AM use continuously for at least four weeks. I'm asking are we safe to take year round without any adverse effects. The Biotest crew and CT are really the ones who truly know the deal. I want to know!