How Long to Stabilize After Changing Frequency?

Been on weekly doses for several years now and about 7-8 weeks ago switched to E3.5D as I’ve been getting slight fatigue especially in the mornings and low energy at the gym even though my test and E levels were OK. But now I’m feeling more numb, depressed, tired, low libido, etc. I would have thought that my levels would have stabilized by now. My test levels are quite high on injection day (1100 vs 800) though so I may need to decrease my dose. Waiting for my E2 results to come back. Also been getting headaches few times a week.

How long did it take for you guys to stabilize on new frequency? If my E2 comes back high, should I lower my dose or keep the dose and go on something light to lower my E2 like DIM? I am very sensitive to AI and crash each time no matter the dose, but I have tried DIM in the past with minimal issues. Calcium D though also crashes my E2.

This is why I’m leaning toward lowering my dose and letting everything stabilize, but don’t know for how long.

I say stay on the protocol or switch back to what was working. Simple. If you switched to lower E, dailies or EOD is best. Thats what Ive been doing for almost 2 years

My labs came back at 32 for Sensitive Estradiol. My testosterone from my previous lab was around 1100. Is my estrogen actually low in terms of ratio? Is this why I’m feeling fatigued tired and numb? I’ve been taking 400mg of resveratrol in the past several months. Not sure if that’s what’s causing it.

Meh, maybe a tad low. I run my TT ~1000ng and like my e2 40-60pg. But that’s me. Energy and fatigue are so vague that almost anything could affect them, but you’re idea to start cutting things out and add them back in one at a time to see if you can narrow it down

What is your SHBG? Stop taking Resveratrol if you’re trying to raise SHBG and drink Red wine instead. Resveratrol supplements are typically made from a chinese plant and not proven to do anything except cost money. You might as well enjoy the buzz. And no its not Estrogen related. Feeling fatigued could be as simple as not sleeping well. So fix that first.