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How Long to See Hypertrophy?

Hi! i`ve been doing a bodyweight routine for about 6 months now, with exercises like front lever, back lever, iron cross, planche, human flag, one-arm chins, one-arms dips, one-arms pushups, manna and so on, and ive been steadily progressing in strength, but i havent grown very much. the first 3-4 months i increased my arms with about 2 centimeters, but i havent grown anymore…

i dont understand why… i almost manage to do front lever, iron cross and back lever. why arent i getting any bigger? most of the exercises i have a long way to go, so it shouldnt be lack of weights ether…

sorry my bad english…

You need a outside stress put on your muscles to grow such as heavy weights. Once you get the ability to do such exercises with ease your body has no more reason to grow.

How many reps/how long can you do of those exercises you listed?

Fuzzyapple has got it spot on. Heavy weights are needed. Squats, bench, deadlifts, military press, barbell rows are what is needed as well as plenty of quality food. Are you getting enough protein, carbs and good fats to grow?

Eating is also generally important for gaining weight.

Stress the muscles with lots of weight, not for the sake of doing the movement with more weight. Feed the muscles with lots of food. Lots.