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How long to see gains?

I am on day 14 of 750mg Sust/wk, 75mg Tren/ed, 20mg D-bol ed. Frontloaded 1250mg sust and 200mg prop.
Have gained a modest 7lb so far, no water rentention (liquidex), experiencing some strength gains. Just wondering when do the real noticable gains come?

Searched for an old thread where this came up but couldn’t find it. Seemed to remember someone saying about three weeks.

This is a quote from Prisoner on “Protein Powdas” thread entitled “cycle idea”. I dont have any steroid experience but i thought this might help you.

You need to maintain steady blood levels at “therapeutic doses” for significant periods before real results are seen. That is why many guys who start a cycle don’t even see any results until around the 3rd week of their cycle."

Week 3 is usually around when i start feeling it, depending on what i’m taking (stuff like EQ will take longer). However, 7lbs in 14 days with no water on isnt exactly nothing. Just give it some time.

Good post Creed. I am on the same cycle but am hitting 1g of sust a week and 40mg of dbol a day. Doing the 75mg tren e/d too. Last Thursday was the end of my 2nd week and I am starting to feel fuller and the strength is starting to come on. If I could just get my damn shoulders and elbows to stop aching like a motherfucker I’d be on top of the world.

Like others have mentioned results start to be seen on week 3, however I wonder if your diet is in order. With that type of cycle you should be getting good results if your diet is in order. Remember that with your cycle your body is in great need of protein and if you don’t provide it with adequate amounts(it varies with each person) you wouldn’t get the results that perhaps you expect. Most people do not understand this simple, yet difficult to understand concept and end up frustrated even while on a cycle with their results. Try upping your protein intake.

I think you could be right. I seem to be starvin all the time, and have to shove food down my neck every couple of hours. Its ridiculous. Eating about 4000kcal daily and 300g protein but don’t think its enough. I will remedy that ASAP.

Good choice creed, protein is in my humble opinion the key ingredient in making solid gains. Make small increases to find out exactly how many grams are ideal for you. Also, and I thought about this while i read your post, amino acids provide needed protection against muscle waste. I take mine with meals and before and after working out. Good luck.