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How Long to See Gains From Test E


i have been using for about 3-4 weeks now injecting 450mg of test e every week but i have no water retention my strength is up slightly but the other things that people experience with test dont seem to be happening

im pretty sure the test is good it is the brand i have only heard good things about (dont know if i can say the brand) but the test is really thin no thickness to it and it is not oily at all so i dont know really


i might just be paranoid but i thought i would have seen dramtic gains within this time frame but i suppose i have only injected 7 times so far


Lol if its not oily or thick 'at all' then im guessing its fake.


It has to be in oil...


here it is if youwant to judge for yourself i cant see it being fake as it came with a batch number on which lead me to the offical site which confirmed it was from them


Because counterfeiters are incapable of printing a real batch number on fake product.....?

$50 blood test and you have all the answers you need.

privatemdlabs . c o m


Terms like "oily and thick" are so subjective. I would put much stock in that. I was underwhelmed with the results from AAS during the first few weeks of my first cycle.

Keep a log. Since you haven't mentioned measurements, body weight, or specific lifts, I'm guessing that you don't keep a consistent log. A lot of us don't. But a notable increase in strength, in a trained individual, within a couple of weeks, is hardly insignificant.

That being said, your brand, as seen in your pic, gets mixed reviews...


thanks for the good reply ive got a few injections left ill just take these and will just get from someone else if i dont see results also i will get my test levels checked it is free in the uk anyway so no problems there


bump for some more replies and advice plz guys


Keeping a log and taking measurements is an excellent idea, but the blood test will tell you everything you want to know. Counterfeiters are so prevalent at the moment that you have to be very aware of where you source your AS. If you do an internet search on the company you used you will find that there are a lot of differing opinions on the quality of their product which would lead me to believe that they are either being counterfeited or their quality control has issues.



Those amps are commonly faked.

If your this far with no weight gain, I would assume theyre fake. First week you should be up atleast 5-6lbs from the water retention from the test.


Not true at all. With Test E, after the first week your test levels are only slightly above baseline. You don't hit peak levels until 4 or 5 weeks in. I personally don't start seeing strength gains until week 5.

Be patient, if it gets to week 6 or so and you haven't noticed any changes, you can assume its fake.

Next time, frontload your cycle and shoot 1000mg the first shot. You will hit peak levels much sooner.


I found the effects of test to be much more subtle than I originally thought before trying it. This seems to be a common belief, that steroids have more of a profound effect than they do. Don't expect to gain any significant amount of muscle without sufficient calories. If you are 3-4 weeks in and eating enough, then you should've gained a few pounds naturally, even if the stuff was fake.

This is all assuming you are trying to put on mass of course, which is the impression I got from your post.

EDIT: if you are not using an AI, you should've gained some water weight. If you are using an AI (which you should be) then you might not notice a lot of weight gain without sufficient food.


I'm not sure I would even bother doing a cycle if it was only going to be 450mgs a week.



I said weight gain not strength increase