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How Long to Run Tren? How to Plan Bulk/Cut?

Hey there…
I’m making another post…

Age 29
Height 175cm
Weight 91kg
Bf: 10-13

Now im on 5th week into a cycle and it looks like this;

Test E 600mg/week
Tren A 240mg/week
Proviron 50mg/ed
Anadrol 50mg/ed

Now I’m bulking up now… And have two question…
Is it ok if i bulk up like to 100kg and then go straight to cutting the fat off or should i wait a period of time before cutting?

Then another thing is… I was first thinking about 12weeks on cycle (except anadrol only till week 8).
But since i don’t have any troubles with that dosage of tren except sweating in the night i was wondering for how long can i actually run tren?
The pct is no problem since I’m on TRT so…

P. S.
Is my first tren cycle… Is the tren dosage ok (60mg/eod) or should i bump a bit?

For any good infos… Thanks!


Wait. Give yourself at least four weeks at your new maintenance once your bulk is completed. Otherwise you’ll just be shedding some of that brand new muscle that you worked for.

I suppose the answer is as long as you’re comfortable and it’s not causing a lot of side effects. Keep in mind that tren is pretty bad for you and a lot of the damage never shows up in blood work. I’d say don’t push it too far because at some point later on in your life you might want to have a properly functioning brain and tren works against that goal. No reason why you can’t drop the tren at week 12 but keep going with the test and proviron for another four or six weeks.


Ok I’ll do that and we’ll see how it goes after that…

About the dosage… Is okay for first cycle, would it make a lot of difference if i bump up to 350 a week?

So thank you for getting me some infos!

I have another question it doesn’t belong here but so I don’t open another topic, can you give me some insites…

So… Since allways i had problems bulking because i cannot eat that much of clean foods… So i have one or two shakes in between meals to get my (mostly Carbs) to the max… I mix some proteins with oat flakes(mixed into powder) so i can get my daily calories…
So you have some good alternatives for that? I would be greatfull.