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How Long to Run 20 Minute Muscle Builder?

Just started the 20 Minute Muscle Builder routine this past week.

It seems like you could run this program indefinitely either as-is, or as the core of a slightly longer program. However, because the 15-20/AMRAP set progresses a bit faster than the top sets, eventually your top sets won’t have the same training effect.

Is this something to approach as: “do for 6-8 weeks, retest maxes, repeat”, or should another strategy be taken, like a break to higher intensity “strength” work for a bit, then come back?

I’m obviously a long ways from that point yet, but just wondering.

I was thinking about this too.

Personally I would say that the basis is pretty good for use over the long haul, I know what you mean with your top set weights though. The stronger you are the harder they will be but you could always add smaller increases to those number than prescribed (prescribed being 5/10lbs repetitively to 2.5/5lbs) or perhaps have the entire program set on a double progression method where you nit the same sets/reps/weight twice with solid form before increasing the weight to help milk the program for as long as possible.

Just some thoughts for you :).