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How Long to Recover from 1-2 Years of TRT?


thanks for your help guys just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge on this…

I want to skip the backstory and personal details as that would just create confusion and ask a general question

if i went on trt + hcg for lets say 1-2 years, and then i decided to come off, with the help of SERMs , how long would it take for me to recover my old natural testosterone levels back, currently low 350s around, but i mean recover from the like super crash of quitting TRT where it falls to practically zero or whatever?

thanks guys!

There are some posts in this forum and on other boards elsewhere with people showing mixed results. A lot has to do with age. There was a post here recently where a guy did TRT for about two years then ran a Serm and was fine - he was late 20’s I recall. I’ve wondered this myself. Let’s see what others post.

May or may not work. No age info here.

One can always also face a result worse than pre-TRT. Depends on whether testes were deprived of LH or hCG.