How Long to Recover Crashed E2 After Stopping T Cream?

I have been on Test cream to the scrotum for one month. First 2 weeks all good then I developed extremely dry skin /inability to hold onto water/extremely dry eyes after 3 weeks. Its been a week now back on injections of 110mg daily with no improvement. E2 showed at 29 pg/ml and free test was at 30 and TT at 1200 just before i stopped cream. I understand high dht competes with e2 and can knock out the effects of e2 binding at receptor even if total e2 in range. I have never felt so poorly in all my life and quite worried about these sides. I just need some reasurance that im going to recover in time.
Has anybody else experienced this?


How does this work? They both attach to different receptors. I understand that more test going to DHT will mean less aromatizes to e2.

You’re one week on injections, and all that cream is fully out of your system by now. So you’re starting from zero, a very hypogonadal state, and it will take time to get your TT and e2 back up. 3-5 weeks before you really start feeling better is my guess.

If you’re impatient, like I am, use HCG to bridge into the new protocol. 500iu 2 or 3x per week for a week or two. Good luck

cheers swoops. It doesnt matter how many times i go through protocol changes it just always scares the shit out of me. Why the completely dry skin though? Im talking extreme eczema dry skin. never had this before and been on trt 3 years. In regards to what i mentioned about dht blocking e2 binding at receptor check out more plates more dates on you tube he explains it well.

Yes, in guys who are using large amounts of DHT derived steroids that’s true. You’re not using high amounts of a DHT derived steroid. You’re using testosterone, a bio identical hormone that you’ve had in your body since birth. Why all of the sudden are you magically converting the majority of your testosterone to DHT? What’s the mechanism that’s caused this enormous swing in the way your body functions? Your explanation makes perfect sense if you’re also using masteron or methenolone in large doses. It does not make even the slightest bit of sense if you’re only using testosterone which, again, has been in your body your whole life and has not caused you this problem until the last few weeks. If what you’re saying was true then an enormous number of men on trt would have crashed e2 and tons of very noticeable sides. That’s the opposite of what we see.

I understand what you are saying, but I am talking about applying cream to the scrotum not injections. When applied to the scrotum it saturates the 5ar receptors in the skin and shoots dht up extremely high sometimes twice the total reference range. So this would cause a similar affect towards e2 expression as using a dht derivative.

Yet another reason why creams are the dumbest possible preparation for testosterone.

770mg per week of test?:scream:

No i meant 110mg weekly total with daily administration :grinning:

With a fairly low dose of 110mg per week, you could probably inject it all at once, or split it to inject twice a week. That may raise your estradiol, at least for the time about 48 hours post injection.

Didn’t you have low dht with injections and poor sex drive as a result?

At first no. For the first year on trt my dht was in good range on injections and libido wasnt perfect but was there most the time. Then for what ever reason it dropped to just below normal and I started having all sorts of issues. It happened to me imediately after taking inositol.
I noticed imediate improvements on the cream but didnt last long then i seemed to crash and my skin dryed up extremely badly to the point im covered in eczema. Dont know what the fuck is going on to be honest and im with one of the best trt docs in the uk and even he doesnt seem to know the problem. Im getting to the point where Im struggling to find the drive to carry on with life if im totally honest. Ive been battling constant shit for the last ten years. Trt gave me back my life at first but then just faded away into nothing. These problems are pretty much unbearable for any man to live with :pensive:

You need to take a step back and relax. You can try another ester if you don’t convert well to dht. Personally I had below reference range dht on cypionate, so I know the struggle; however scrotal cream worked fairly well for me. I did two clicks per day which kept me around 800tt average. I didn’t need more than this. I’m currently off trt and trying natural ways to increase my test at the moment but I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to cream if I have to. Also you could try combine cream and injections but I urge you to be very careful with this method as it’s hard if not impossible to dial in a protocol like this (speaking from personal experience… please see my previous comments on other threads). Also maybe you have a bit of depression as well. If you don’t want to take psyche meds, I have found that prescription fish oil vascepa works well at combatting my depression. A lot of guys go on trt thinking it will fix depression. It helps with dopamine but not so much serotonin.

Hi, me again.

Im desperately trying to find out what has gone wrong in my body.
After a month on test cream to the srotum I developed extremely dry skin all over my body.
Im talking to the point of no oil/sebum at all and my skin is so dry its almost burning. This has caused extreme eczema all over my body and the worse part is my eyes. I have no moisture in them. Emollient creams sort of give me relief for perhaps 30 min but it just drys up soon after. Its been 3 weeks now back on injections and things are just getting worse. Strange thing is ive noticed libido and sensitivity has very slightly improved.
At the beginning of my trt journey 3 years ago my skin became very oily and healthy looking and I felt amazing.

I really am desperate now to find out what is going on.
Im worried ive caused myself something similar to post finasteride syndrome.
Would it be beneficial to get full blood test now to see if anything stands out?

Can anybody give me a list of everything i should get tested ie, cortisol, thyroid to what vitamin/mineral deficiencies i should look for.

It just seems a bit suspicious that I raised dht massively and felt great for a while on scrotal cream and then crashed badly with extremely dry skin. My energy levels are good but I cannot function day to day with this problem its awful.

Im extremely worried and need some reassurance that I can recover.


I wonder if your eczema is related to your trt or not. Perhaps taking a local visit to your dermatologist would be of benefit instead of asking questions on a forum that nobody is likely to answer with any accuracy.

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