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How Long to Reach a 315 Bench?


Just wondering! Ive been training for almost 4 years and still not able to do this! But,
I never knew how important squatting was i did not have it in my program until last year.
Same with deadlifts they both suck number wise.

I was able to bench 300 but i lost that strength after cutting and dieting for 3 months!
Currently @ 275


i'm not sure what squatting has to do with benching.

i'd say it took a little less than 2 years to hit it


About a year or so in my case, BUT I didn't put on a single lb for much longer so I didn't care :frowning:



well,it depends from your body structure (that you have BEFORE starting the iron game) and bodyweight...I guess.
big (boned) and heavy guys hit 140kg bench far early than 150lb guys but this is obvious.
(except strenght freaks).

said this,heavy&consistent work will always overcome genetic potential.

I did 120kg/265lb x 4 at 18ys old,after 3 years of "training",at 21 did 150kgx2 (but no good form: red light aka bouncing the chest).
then a stop of 15 (fifteen)years from iron (from 25 to 40 lol) ,while ago I did 150x3 with good form and my chest was flat.
now - as per STUYELLIN advices- i'm using way lighter loads (actually 110lb on low cables incline press),full rom,forgot flat bench and abracadabra my chest improved.
ah,just for fun one month ago I did flat bench after months: 250lbX10,who cares LOL
and -the day after-a lot of doms to my tris (flat bench=tris excerise for me).

so,your question about 315lb bench isn't very related IMO with bodybuilding....
you have to decide if you wanna a big bench or a big chest; many strong-as hell plers don't have a so big chest....
i'm not saying to use toy-weights; just the right weights to use with full rom,3' eccentrics,squeeze at the top,this usually means to cut off 30% loadd used with not so good form...


I just love the internet guys here saying, "oh, i benched 315 in a year or 2 years. Lets get with reality. When I started lifting, I was probably 16, probably could bench, if i remember correctly, no more than 125lbs. it took me a good 5 years to bench that. maybe longer.

Anyone who says they benched 315 in under a year, is lying to you. Ok, if thats the case, you should be benching over 500lbs by now, RIGHTTTTT?? I suspect not. Why is it guys who say such thing, are most likely still only benching 315lbs. Why is that. They haven't improved since then. lol. Its quite obvious it took them a hell of alot longer than a year or 2 to bench that. just use common sense.


I half agree with that... I've personally never benched much more than 200lbs and I've been lifting for almost a year, I started out with a 130lb bench. I don't know anyone who starts off lifting much more than that, but who knows how fast some people improve.


Yay generalizations. If someone has a higher bodyweight or ridiculous genetics, they could probably hit 315 within a year or two. I agree that plenty of dudes are trying to sound cool by inflating their numbers on bench or similar bullshit, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE is full of shit.

OP- It depends on genetics/programming/how seriously you take training. It took me about six years, but I had huge bodyweight fluctuations in that time and wasn't always training for strength.

You can't really put a timetable on lifts, since progress isn't always linear. But you can be sure that if you get on a solid program, eat/rest enough, and take your time in the gym seriously, you'll hit 315 a lot faster than if you didn't do those things.


If you start off lifting as a kid, like I did, how can you bench all that much.


Some people make adaption in terms of strength gains very quickly, while others take longer. Similarly with hypertrophy gains. I didn't start training until I was in my early 20's, but had taught martial arts, ran track, and played hockey up til then, so maybe my body was more neurologically efficient than I realized.

The point is that while you can't compare two different people's physiology, your assumption that such strength gains will continue at such a rate indefinitely shows your complete lack of any real understanding of physiology, or even bodybuilding.

Besides the obvious slowing of 'steps' in gains, the reason so many more intermediate or advanced BODYBUILDING trainees stop chasing strength gains is because their goal is hypertrophy, which is not always induced by moving a wight from point A to point B.

I shall now go back to ignoring whatever expert advice RV shells out, but continue to answer, and discuss HONESTLY (like I always have on here) any questions or matters other people have :slightly_smiling:



i never reached a 315 bench in all the years i competed in bodybuilding. strength wasn't a concern of mine. i would say i never went above 275. i switched over to powerlifting about 6 years ago and was benching 315 within 6 months.


first time I did bench press I was 15,at Tiger Line gym,Naples,Italy,I used 50kg/110kg for reps,at 17y s I was using 70/80kg (180lb),same gym.
from 17 to 18ys of age my strenght went up considerably,very probably because i started to hit the gym more seriously and because my body become full of hairs with gorilla voice LOL
at 15 my bw was 165,at 19 200lb,don't think that the gym was related into bw gains,just genetic (age,from boy to man?)...

there are many variables in hittin decent numbers on big 3 but -again- how it is related to bb???
I could understand that strenght is related to sports (football,rugby,PL,etc etc) but we are on a bbing forum so it's a matter of how much stress you put on fibers NOT how much you lift.


I benched 315 before last summer and hit 325 right after that. My bench is currently approaching 405 (sitting at about 385 right now) and I've been training for about two and half years. I have not a freakish trait to my name. Focus on hard work, smart training, and consistency.


my old mentor always said " plers train the paths,bbers the muscles"..........


out of interest,at what age did you start to lift?


I was 15 turning 16. I turned 18 three months ago.


i'm impressed,well done.


You seem to be forgetting bodybuilding rule #1, PROGRESSION. Heres a fact for ya. you will not get bigger if your not getting stronger. yes, your gains slow down, i never said they didn't. But you still have to get stronger in order to get bigger. My point was, if you got to 315 in only a year, you should be benching a hell of alot more than that now. Or are you saying your progress slows down that much after only 1 years time?

Listen, just cause you know how to starve yourself in order to compete in speedos on stage for some plastic trophy, doesn't mean you know any more than anyone else. especially me.


Thank you. My bench is pretty good, but my squat is my best lift. My deadlift sucks.


I started lifting when I was around 16. I was benching 315 before I gratuated high school, so less than 2 years. Inconsistent training over the next 10 years finally got me to 405, then another 5 years or so to get to 485 if it hadn't been for shoulder problems I'd be well over 500 by now.


MM,you are one of the stronger mofos I know,could you tall us if your chest has become bigger since you started PL at such high level?