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How Long to Raise my Lifts?



Obviously there's no exact time like 237.4 days to achieve this, but I'm looking for a ballpark figure for roughly how long it would take an average ability trainee (who, being an FFB, can't just eat 5000 calories a day, and do nothing but lift heavy weights and sleep) to raise their lifts as follows:

Bench: 230 --> 315
Squat 305 --> 405
Deadlift 355 --> 455

I'm 5'9, 21 and weigh 168 at around 14 percent body fat.

I know my lifts aren't great at the moment, but as a 17 year old I started out weighing 210 and lifting about 1/3 of what I am now. So having effectively trebled my strength (more in some lifts) as well as dropping 42lbs, I may not be strong or lean yet, but I'm a hell of a lot better than I was 4 years ago :). So please no comments about me being a weedy abercrombie model without the abs etc :wink:.


Depends on you.


If you hit those in 2 years, you'd be making very solid progress.


for shits and giggles, i plugged 230lb bench press and 11 reps into this 1RM equation:

1RM = (weight used x 36)/(37 - reps)

so if you can bench 230 11 times you should be able to 1RM 315, lul.

i'm assuming the numbers you listed are your current 1RM's?


^Thats about right because I can hit 225 10x but my max is probably real close to 315. Dont want to risk injury trying though...




if you don't already have joint issues, just warm up right and see how it feels as you work up to 315. and have a good spotter. you should know whether or not you'll get it long before you actually try.

you can respect the iron, but there's no need to be afraid.


Based on the progress some of the guys in the BOI are making it should be possible to do it in a year. 2 years is far from bad though.

My squat moved that much in a month. That's due to me getting a belt and access to a rack though.

Take home message: Better to aim for the stars and fall slightly short than to aim too low and not reaching your true potential.


Yeh its doable in a year if you wage war with the weights, 2 yrs is a more practical time frame, best of luck, hope you don't injure yourself.