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How Long to Notice Symptom Relief with SubQ Injections?

How long before I notice the benefits of test sub q injections. Will I notice it immediately or will it take weeks. I previously did not respond well to cream and have been off TRT for 16 months.

What kind of test are you taking? That will likely make a difference.

For what it’s worth I didn’t feel great with SQ shots. IM was much better

I never felt anything with daily SubQ. Switched to 3x a week IM and I could tell I was taking something within a few days. Night and day difference. That’s not to say I immediately felt great, I didn’t, but I felt almost like I had been drinking coffee or something (which I don’t drink). Little more awake, little less sleep, etc. I can’t say for sure that wouldn’t have happened eventually on SubQ but who knows.

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I haven’t started yet but I plan on taking test cypionate 2x per week. SHBG is 44