How Long to Newb Gains Last?

Assuming a good training program, nutrition and sleep, when do newb gains run their course? I have read ‘a year’, but thought I’d ask you guys who have been training for a while.

I’m guessing that they may slow down under a year if you are on well constructed program and train hard. I’m hoping to continue to ride this gravy train for a while. :slight_smile:

They will run out exactly one day after the day before they stop.

I guess a stupid question.

Found an article where Rippetoe says 3-9 months.

Everyone has a meter attached to their forearm labelled ‘gainz tank’. I’m surprised you’ve never noticed it before. Not all gainz tanks are the same size, but fortunately, the little red arrow on the meter will show you about how much gainz you have left in the tank. You’ll get a little warning light that comes on when you’ve got like 5 lbs of gainz left. Once you run out, you’ll have to fill the tank with Steronz for more gainz.

[quote]knobby22 wrote:
I guess a stupid question.


A little bit. Don’t worry or think about stuff like that. If your just starting out, get on a legit program and keep with it until you stall out. Then try another program. After a while you will start to learn your body and understand how it adapts to certain stimuli.

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