How Long to Max Out Reps?

hey I got a question I switched over to 3x6-10 reps recently and am making alot more progress than I used to with lower reps, I look a bit bigger and have lost some fat as well. I just want to know though how long does it take for some of you on this rep/set scheme before you guys manage to max 3x10 and increase the weight?? reason I’m asking is cuz I’m making progress with alot of my other exercises, especially the dumbbell exercises in moving up in weight and reps, but my bench hardly seems to be responding to this rep/set scheme, I’ve been stuck at the same weight since I lowered my bench press weight from the 5x3-5 range to 3x6-10 a few weeks ago.

My eating is good, I’ve increased protein to 50g per meal from 40 and am getting in between 240-300g of protein a day. I want to get as strong as I can in the 6-10 range since I find my body responds alot better to this and more potential for me to build muscle with less fat.

I personally find that giving myself a specific rep range to hit, ie. 5 reps I’d easier to progress on then a broad scale ie. 6-10 reps.

I find this to be true because with setting a specific rep range you pick a weight, hit the 5 reps, bump it up 5 pounds, hit 4 reps but keep plugging away until you get 5. There is no guessing, just growing.

Bench, BB row, and military press seem to be the slowest for me to increase as well for a higher rep range. The only advice I have is to go for the 10 and not the 6, but using the 6 weight. And when you hit your limit and are not yet at 6, either drop the weight a bit and continue until you hit 10, or do rest-pause until you hit 10 with the same weight. I like the latter more, but it’s not always an option if you don’t like rolling the bar down your abdomen when you fail.

While both these guys are right, I’d like to echo what Austin said- 6-10 is too broad of a range. Divide it up more, say 6-8, or 8-10.

On top of what those before me have said, you could take your six rep weight and work at it, however long it takes, and eventually make it your eight rep weight. When its your eight rep weight, you know to add weight to the bar, then you start at six again.

Same goes for the 8-10 range.